Adorable Guy Does a Crazy Workout Dance With Strangers on the Street (VIDEO)

dance walkDance walking! It's the hottest new fitness craze! Why are you walking down the sidewalk like a normal person? You could be dancing, YEAH. Put on your headphones and waggle your ass to the irresistible beat. It's what everyone in New York City is doing.

Ha ha, no. We're not doing that. But this guy is. TV reporter fitness experty guy (or something) Ben Aaron is trying to get this party started on the streets. After seeing a real dance walker strutting his stuff down 5th Avenue, Ben got all inspired and decided dance walking needed to become a thing.

So he tried it himself. And then he got other people to dance walk with him. None of these people look the least bit silly, by the way. Not at all.


See what I mean? Great way to keep fit, and you definitely don't look ridiculous doing it. (LOLZ you guys look totally ridiculous!) But the joke is on me, because these brave dance-walking souls are clearly having loads of fun while I sit here at my desk exercising only my fingers. In fact, I almost feel like I'm missing out just because I'm such a stodgy old non-dance-walker.

I walk every day to and from the subway station. I listen to music on my headphones. I have feet and legs. Why aren't I doing this? I'd feel way less guilty about skipping the gym (again).

I know why I'm not doing this: Fear of embarrassment. But here's the thing -- I wouldn't feel silly if I could just get other people to dance with me! If we all show up on 5th Avenue and boogie on down the road together, people will believe it's a thing and join us. We'll get our exercise and start the day in a swell mood. And then -- at lunchtime we'll all go clubbing! Who's with me?

Are you brave enough to try dance walking -- by yourself or with a crew?


Image via randalben/YouTube

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