Miley Cyrus' Workout Plan Is Not Even Close to 'Extreme' (VIDEO)

miley cyrus smiling after pilates classIt's not Miley Cyrus's fault she gets trailed by paparazzi wherever she goes, but she's still making most of America jealous with every single shot taken of her. Judging from the series of photos, it seems as though she has such a wealth of free time that all she's doing lately is enjoying the gorgeous Cali sunshine while walking her dog and coming to and from her Pilates and other exercise classes. She reportedly has so much time on her hands that she's been able to work out TWICE a day!

Some are crying "eating disorder!" at this, whilst others are clucking their tongues about how she's constantly sporting skimpy, sometimes way too glam workout attire. Both interesting queries, but all I can think about is how envious I am of her awesomely healthy fitness schedule -- and energy!


It's totally wrong to declare working out twice a day as obsessive or "too much." Sure, for most of us, more than an hour a pop is probably going overboard, and you're gonna have to pay at some point for putting too much stress on your body. But it doesn't sound like the workouts Miley's engaging in are exactly high-intensity cardio for 60+ minutes each time. Instead, we've heard that she's doing Pilates, yoga, dance ... 

Ahhhh! If I had the time to build all of those mind and body-bolstering workouts into my daily routine, I feel like I'd be the most relaxed, Zen, and tightest physically I'd ever been in my whole life! I want her schedule right now more than I'd want her Hannah Montana royalties! (Although the latter is likely in part what makes the former possible, eh ...)

Seriously, when it boils down to it, we're just "tsk, tsk"-ing her because we're jealous. We wish we had the free time, independent wealth, 19-year-old's metabolism and energy, etc. that it would require to be casually rollin' into these classes more than once a day. (How about more than three times a week!?)

I've been doing 30-40+ minutes a day, but Miley's inspiring me to step it up. Maybe I won't be running off to Pilates and dance classes every day, but when it comes to taking care of our physical (and mental/emotional!) health, there's no harm in a little extra dedication.

Here's more on Miley's routine ...

What do you think about Miley's reported twice-a-day workouts? Too much or do you wish your schedule allowed for that?


Image via FTN/Splash News

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