Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston Agree: 'The Devil Is Me'

Oh, brother. Whitney Houston's troublemaker ex-husband, Bobby Brown, sat down for an interview with Today's Matt Lauer, which will air tomorrow. Brown wanted to proclaim to the world how he is not the one who got Whitney Houston hooked on drugs. According to Brown, Whitney was hitting the hard stuff loooong before he came into the picture. So he'd kindly ask the world to stop hating on him. "I'm not the reason she's gone," says Bobby.

Could he have a good point?


Personally, I don't like Bobby Brown any more than anyone else. During her life, Whitney gave interviews telling in excruciating detail how abusive Bobby was, including how he once spit on her. Not nice!

And there's no doubt that Brown wasn't a great influence on Whitney. We often get sucked into doing things that our significant other is doing. In the best-case scenario, that would be doing something positive, like yoga, or gardening, or learning about classical music. (Note that drug-taking is not on this list!)

In the worst case scenario, our love for our partner can tip us over into the dark side. But, ultimately, we are all responsible for our own life choices. No doubt some people can kick habits more easily than others -- Brown tells Matt Lauer he has been drug-free for seven years now, while Whitney, obviously, was not. But Whitney knew it was she who was responsible for her actions. In an interview with Diane Sawyer, Whitney once said, "I'm my best friend and my worst enemy. The devil is me." She did not say, "The devil is Bobby Brown."

People we love can be powerful influences on our lives. But this doesn't negate the fact that we all have free will. And it is up to us to use that free will for our betterment and not for our self destruction.

Do you think Bobby Brown should take some blame for Whitney's death?


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