Memory-Boosting Berries Might Be the Perfect Food

berriesSo I don't know about you, but I'm thinking of going on an all-berry diet. Okay, not really.

But man!

It seems like every other day strawberries and/or blueberries and/or blackberries are in the news because some expert-type people discovered yet another antioxidant-related magical power.

Today in miraculous berry power news: Apparently eating blueberries and strawberries can the prevent the "cognitive decline and memory loss that comes with aging."

Well, these are truly happy tidings, my friends. Because I am sooo sick of losing my keys. And I'm still in my 30's! I better start pounding the berries asap or I'm not going to remember my own name by the time I'm 50.


According to researchers, this long-term study was an especially big deal because it was the first berry study to be "conducted on such a large scale."

My favorite part, personally? (Besides thinking maybe I'll start remembering where my keys are?) The memory-boosters in berries are thought to be flavonoids -- the same stuff that makes dark chocolate good for you.

So strawberries dipped in dark chocolate have gotta be the ultimate health food!

Will you start eating more berries to boost your memory?


Image via Angelo DeSantis/Flickr

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