Prom Queen Charged With Faking Cancer Did More Damage Than She Knows (VIDEO)

texas prom queen Angie Gomez faked cancerLooks like faking cancer is now some kind of horrific trend sweeping the nation. After the 42-year-old woman from Virginia and the bride from New York were recently busted for allegedly faking fatal illness, now comes news that 19-year-old Angie Gomez -- who was treated to her own prom by her high school after missing the school's dance due to alleged illness -- has been arrested and charged with starting a fake charity after falsely claiming to be suffering from leukemia. Craaazy!

What's really sad is that the "Achieve the Dream Foundation" she set up attracted donations from her fellow students. Donations and gifts that added up to more than $17K! And now? Anyone who bought Gomez's story is probably at least somewhat scarred by the experience. How could you not be?!

Gomez's attorney Sheldon Myers claims that his client had "good intentions" for the money and did, in fact, suffer from health problems as a child. But that doesn't really matter now, does it?

Sadly, this young woman's alleged scam -- along with the other recent, similar ones making headlines -- could really desensitize people to the actual suffering of people who really do have cancer. Make them think that they have to second-guess or question someone who is raising donations for the disease. How absolutely horrible. And that said, anyone "faking cancer" for sympathy, attention, or to make quick money isn't only cheating those who fall for their felonies. Their scams are basically a huge slap in the face to true cancer patients and survivors.

It's deeply unnerving to think that there are people out there who are so disturbed that they'll take advantage of others' generosity, sympathy, unconditional kindness. But that's not all -- they're actually putting legitimate charity for cancer at risk. Awful. With hope, Gomez's story puts an end to this worrisome "trend."

Here's the ABC News report on Gomez ...

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Does it worry you that these fake cancer scams desensitize people to true suffering?

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weird... weirdgothmom

I cant believe someone could so greedy SHAME ON her

nonmember avatar Graciesmom

I am more worried abt this girl. She obviously has some serious issues. I hope she gets the help she needs. To bad she didn't have a family that could step in and prevent this from getting so out of control.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

This girl is 19 and I hope she gets the book thrown at her. Im sorry, but I dont think theres and mental illnesses going on here either. She's probably just some smart assed teenager who thought she was being sly. Having had several family members die from cancer, and having several friends with children with special needs I have no tolerance for this sort of behavior. Good riddance.

Water... Water_geM

i was deja vuing over this storey..but then i remembered it came from our local newspaper.

what a dumb ass,i hope shes charged to the full extent of her crime.

nonmember avatar Kelly

As someone who watched her best friend die from brain cancer at 19 years old, I am so beyond disgusted by this story. That greedy monster has probably never struggled for anything in her life and would be lucky to make it through life not having to face losing a loved one to cancer.

ThatT... ThatTattooedMom

Some kid on Reddit was faking brain cancer a few days ago. He even set up a PayPal for donations. Luckily we found out he was a fake before donations began. As someone who lost their mother from cancer, this royally pisses me off.

nonmember avatar jim morgan

This person makes me sick to my stomach. what a piece of trash. i have leukemia. i cant belive someone could do this.i went through chemo for 6 months. sick every day.could not eat. lost tons of weight. oh. yeah what a joke. hope she never has to really go through cancer. it wont be much of a joke then will it? what an evil human being !

Donna Stanfill Ross

Im a three year breast cancer survivor. My cancer was financially terminal. My family lost everything we had, and eventually filed chapter 7 bankruptcy. Would have been nice to have some help.

Ruby Odling

Why would anyone want to fake cancer .Do they know what you go thur . Day to day you wonder if it will come back.this is wrost than when i was rape. Cancer is real and it dont go away .It hurts alot of people.

Jaimy McCune

it makes me ill that people would do this stuff i lost my grandpa 10 years ago to cancer and my mom last year to cancer, Cancer is no joke it doesn't just affect that person it affects and entire family.

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