5 Beautiful Pink Presents for Breast Cancer (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Apr 26, 2012 Healthy Living

woman with pink ribbonEven though October is usually the peak season for pink products, we're inundated year-round now with items meant to raise breast cancer awareness and, usually, funds for breast cancer research. Most of us have encountered or put our money toward the usual pink ribbon, pink tweezers, or pink makeup brush collection at least once before, but once in awhile, there are pink products that are actually game-changers, catching our attention and influencing the way we see the disease.

Here, five of the most uniquely beautiful products that are changing the pink game ...

  • Jennifer Aniston's 'Warriors in Pink' T-Shirt


    This past fall, Jennifer Aniston made a giant leap for humankind by designing a really cute tee that says "Reach for the Moon" for the Ford Warriors in Pink campaign. What's more, 100 PERCENT of the proceeds from the sale of the shirt go toward finding a cure for the disease! Amazing!

  • 2009 ONEHOPE California Chardonnay


    Now, here's something to toast to ... Giving-minded ONEHOPE wine donates 50 percent of its profits to charities, including breast cancer research. So if you buy a bottle of 2009 ONEHOPE California Chardonnay for $18.99, $3 goes to Fight Against Breast Cancer, and an additional $1.90 goes to a charity of your choosing. Options include National Breast Cancer Foundation, which helps provide free mammograms for women in need, and Singleton Moms, which helps single parents battling cancer.

  • Photographer Bob Carey's 'Ballerina' Book


    Photographer Bob Carey has posed in a series of heartstring-pulling, intriguing images while wearing a pink tutu. Why? It's all for his wife, who happens to be fighting a recurrence of breast cancer. Carey hopes to publish his series in a book called Ballerina to benefit cancer organizations. In the meantime, you can support Carey's efforts by purchasing this awesome t-shirt.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project


    Back in November, Facebook took down photos (like the one pictured here) from the Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project. In each portrait, a breast cancer survivor poses with a brightly painted chest. Now, you can buy a slew of awesome products (like this unique mousepad) featuring artist Michael Colanero's work on cafepress.com. How's that for having the last word?!

  • Bald Barbie


    Although she wasn't created specifically for women with breast cancer, I'd say Bald Barbie is pretty darn pink in spirit! She'll be distributed to girls facing cancer treatments and other situations in which they experience hair loss, beginning in 2013. The "friend of Barbie" will come with wigs, hats, scarves, and other accessories to give children "a traditional fashion play experience."

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