'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Nicole's Shocking Slimdown Won't Last

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Deena on April 1
It's like clockwork. As we get closer to summer, the cast of Jersey Shore seem to hear their bikinis calling. Because after Snooki dropped weight, JWoww cooked her way to weight loss, and now, Deena Nicole is showing off new teeth and a slimmer shape. On Twitter, the former, fellow "meatball" posted a recent pic in which she's posing in a red and white polka-dot romper. The caption? "Summer days :)" Which I guess we can conclude she's looking forward to even more now ...

Well, good for her! And sure, she's going to feel sexier cruising down the boardwalk now, but I'm not so convinced that her slimdown plan is a permanent solution. 


Last month, she tweeted that she was on a diet -- the Fresh Diet, specifically, which is a meal delivery service.

Hmm ... can you really see Deena -- or any Shore star for that matter -- being able able to stick to a pre-packaged meal plan while partying the summer days and summer nights away? I don't think so! I mean, come on, what is she supposed to do when she goes out fist-pumping the night away at a restaurant-turned-club? Bring a little pre-packed salad? Ha.

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And this isn't just a commentary on their willpower. I don't think anyone can realistically or affordably stick to a pre-packaged meal plan for very long. The mere word "diet" suggests a temporary solution, a quick fix. If you just want to lose weight for a short period of time when cameras are going to be rolling, I guess that's okay, but if you could avoid the yo-yo effect, wouldn't you?

Seems to me like Deena Nicole could stand to learn a thing or two from JWoww, who has obviously gone about her slimdown the healthiest way of all the Shore ladies -- not by popping diet pills or eating pre-cooked, processed food from a factory. She's cooking her own, real, whole food herself. Now, that's a healthy lifestyle change and weight-loss plan that has the power to last a lifetime.

How do you feel about meal delivery service "diets"?

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