'Hangover Heaven' Bus in Vegas Can't Drive Your Drinking Problems Away (VIDEO)

hangover heavenIf you drive it, they will come.

That was the philosophy of doctor and board-certified anesthesiologist Jason Burke, anyway, when he had what sounds like either the most brilliant or batsh*t crazy idea ever: Hangover Heaven, a bus that basically drives around Las Vegas offering people who partied a little too hard the night before a 45-minute hangover fix.

What sorcery is this? How does Dr. Burke make hangovers magically disappear? Treatment consists of an IV bag filled with a cocktail of saline solution, vitamins, the prescription anti-inflammatory Toradol for pain, and Zofran for nausea.

And the question, apparently, isn't one of whether or not the treatment works -- patients really do report feeling WAY better in a matter of minutes.

The question is ... well, hangovers are kind of a sign from our bodies, right? Telling us to slow down?


So what are the implications of a hangover-eraser? Woo-hoo! I feel great! Meet me at the bar in 5!

Burke says he's simply getting people "back to their vacations" that much faster, and I see his point -- after all, nobody goes to Vegas to detox. Debauchery is kind of the point.

Still, I have to wonder if Hangover Heaven will make it too easy for revelers to go too far, too fast.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this one goes. My guess? This is probably completely fine as an occasional remedy -- for people who keep their trips to Vegas to once-a-year pilgrimages or bachelor parties or "business trips" (hey, I'm not judging).

But for those with bonafide drinking problems, I can see Hangover Heaven turning into Liver Hell. Good thing there's a $90 fee to keep tipsy types from riding the bus too often (theoretically, anyway).

Would you take a ride on the Hangover Heaven bus if you were in Vegas?


Image via AssociatedPress/YouTube

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