Giada De Laurentiis Stays Fit by Eating Pasta -- A Lot!

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Giada De LaurentiisIt's been a while since I had a full-fledged celeb girl crush on someone. And well, after stumbling on Giada De Laurentiis' show Everyday Italian last weekend on a whim, I've officially come down with my latest love. The way she makes linguine with avocado pesto makes me all hot in the face! In the latest issue of Health, Giada talks about how she maintains her slammin' bod, even with all that delicious cooking she does.

"Pasta doesn't make you fat," she said. "How much pasta you eat makes you fat."

Shoot, if Giada can cook all of these insanely caloric amazing meals and still look that good, then OMG -- there's so TOTALLY hope for the rest of us!

Seriously, how many of us complain that we just don't have the means to eat well during the day (raises hand)? Wahhh, I'll complain often. I'm sitting at my desk, slightly bored, thinking of what I could nosh on as the day continues. But here she is, Giada -- someone who COOKS for a living, and she has the self control to maintain her fab figure.

The woman has a point: It's not WHAT you eat, it's how MUCH of it. Sure, she may be tackling some delectable dishes that are high in calories. However, she's eating enough to be satisfied NOT stuffed. Is self-control easy? No. However, channeling your inner food police can definitely pay off in the long term.

What do you think of Giada's food policy?


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Jmsosa Jmsosa

I lost over 100 lbs by eating whatever I wanted. I just tracked my calories each day. If I wanted fried chicken for dinner, then I just ate sensibly the rest of the day. I've actually been able to keep off the weight. It's about changing your lifestyle and not just doing some fad diet.

Melis... Melissa042807

I think she definitely doesn't eat her pastas covered in fattening sauces. Like, I doubt she eats stuff like fettucini alfredo very often. More likely she goes for a little olive oil and lots of veggies in her pasta the majority of the time. 

Ari. Ari.

Dont forget the coke habit. That sheds the lbs, too.

nonmember avatar Really

Y'all know that's not her body, right? They photoshopped her head onto someone else's body. In real life, her head is huge in proportion to her body...I hate when magazines do this, but Redbook did it too her, too.

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