Jessica Alba's Post-Baby 'Weight Loss Plan' Is NOT What You'd Think

jessica albaEver since Jessica Alba first broke out as a star, she's been one of those actresses that men go wild for and women envy. In other words, she's always had a rockin' bod. And okay, maybe some women are just naturally blessed with that initially, but once she got preggers with her first daughter, Honor, and later, her second daughter, Haven, you'd think she would have had at least a few of the same challenges we regular ladies down here on earth have, right? And she would have had to eat some super-stringent diet and hit the gym Beyonce-style to pare those baby pounds? Right?

Well, we chatted with her on the phone about this very topic the other day, and as it turns out ... she doesn't have the kind of post-baby shape-up plan you read about in tabloids, that's for sure!

When asked if she's changed her eating habits or gone on a diet after having her girls, she said:

I haven't really changed that much. I've always been pretty healthy, I guess. I hate the word diet because it feels so temporary. I’m not big on packaged food, I’m not big on fast food, I like fresh things. I think it tastes better and so I kind of cut a lot of that processed food and packaged food out of my diet pretty early, when I was like 13. [And I eat] as organic as possible and as fresh as possible.

Love that logic. Sounds super down-to-earth and about 180 degrees from the Gwyneth Paltrow School of Detox, huh? (Wonder if they're friends. Judging from this, I wouldn't count on it.) But then, get this ... She goes on to describe her workout routine:

I should have a better fitness regimen than I do. Right now, it's kind of non-existent because I'm just so busy with work. It's like do I get an hour and a half less of sleep and go and hit the gym? And usually, like I need that hour of sleep. Or do I spend that one hour to spend with the kids on bath time and dinner. I'd rather spend it with the kids and at the office because I need to be here. So, you know, I don’t have too much time right now. I'm just running around like a crazy person.

Wow! Can you believe it?! Doesn't that sound like, well, most moms in America? I mean, the woman is lucky enough to be blessed with amazing genes, because even though she says she has no time to work out, she still looks pretty fab. But to hear that fitness has fallen by the wayside for her, in lieu of her family and work, well -- it's actually really refreshing. Sometimes, you really do have to pick your battles, and it seems like Jessica just really isn't putting a hardcore workout at the top of her list these days.

Still, that doesn't mean it wouldn't be if a new job depended on it! Obviously, being in shape is the name of the game for someone vying for action roles. Jessica explained:

The one good thing is if I end up doing an action movie ... then I'm forced to work out. That would be part of my job. Then, I wouldn't feel so guilty about spending time doing that because it'll be, you know, part of what I have to do.

Aw, well, it's a bit of a bummer that she has that guilt about spending time on herself, but it's definitely easy to understand. Still, I'm flabbergasted by how little the workout and diet regimen really factors into her day-to-day. Great to know not all gorgeous actresses go to extremes! 

Be sure to check out Jessica Alba's answers to your questions over on the CafeMom Green Living group!

What do you think about Jessica's take on weight loss? Can you relate?


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