Angelina Is the Only Bride Who Needs to GAIN Weight (VIDEO)

angelina jolie   Well, well, well. Hell has most definitely frozen over now that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have decided to make things official and get married (for the sake of the kids, of course).

And while her engagement ring definitely isn't the most gorgeous bauble I've ever seen, odds are good that Angie is going to have herself one pretty amazing wedding. Her head is probably spinning already just thinking about all of the preparations that need to be made for the big celebration -- and we can only hope that putting on a few pounds is at the top of her list.

While many brides are going to all sorts of crazy diet extremes to lose weight before their big day, Angie seriously needs to consider doing something about her gaunt frame. Because she's starting to look a little bit scary.


OMG. I'm really not trying to be mean (I swear), but her frail appearance is really getting worrisome. Just look at her arms and how bony they are! I just want to run up and give her a hug and beg and plead with her to eat a sandwich -- or at least a couple of saltine crackers. I know some people are naturally thin and all, but judging from the way her elbow bone is jutting out of the side of her arm, I'd say that she needs more than a little bit of meat on her bones.

If there were ever a time when Angie was thinking about putting on a few healthy pounds, the period before her wedding is definitely ideal. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but there are also those fun tasks like sampling different types of food and choosing the right wedding cake. Maybe those could help her bulk up just a tiny bit? I'd hate to hear that she fainted on her walk down the aisle before she had the chance to say, "I do" and become Mrs. Pitt.

And if nothing else, Angie should gain some weight out of sympathy for all of the other brides who are sweating their butts off in the gym and watching every single morsel they put into their mouths. She'd be doing them a favor by indulging in all sorts of delicious things and enjoying a few good meals. Maybe if someone explained it to her that way, she'd get the urge to chow down?

You can hear more about Brad & Angie's upcoming wedding in the video clip below.

Do you think Angelina is getting too thin?


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