What Some Women Do to Drop Pre-Wedding Pounds Is Disturbing

bride on a scaleMonths before I actually got engaged, the anxiety began to build. Thanks to a sluggish thyroid and some other challenges (thanks, DNA!), I am not in the best shape of my life right now, and I knew that needed to change STAT -- but especially before I say "I do." When I admitted to my best friend that I didn't want to choose a particular date my mom had suggested, she said, "Why? That's definitely enough time to plan!" I responded, "Yeah, but it isn't enough time to lose weight for the wedding."

I'm not alone. Most brides, even those who are probably the perfect weight and shape at the time of their engagement, have it in their heads that they have to look their all-time hottest on the Big Day. Hence why many of them are now adopting extreme and even dangerous weight-loss plans ...


Like the K-E "feeding tube" diet everyone's buzzing about this week. The diet, done under a doctor's supervision, allows for 800 calories a day while a bride-to-be walks around with a TUBE UP HER NOSE. Insane! Or how about the HCG diet -- which allows for 500 calories, also under doctor supervision, and you get shots of a hormone only pregnant women make? So bizarre ...

The New York Times featured these and a couple of other strategies brides have employed to drop their pre-wedding weight -- from detoxes to the Dukan diet and everything inbetween -- and I swear, my reaction to the piece was truly visceral. With a little over a year until our proposed date, I'm anxious enough without reading about all of these totally crazy ways women are attempting to lose as little as 10 pounds. I want to shake these fellow brides and say, "Really?!"

Because as important as it is to me to drop the weight, I want to do it the right way. I want it to be healthy weight loss, so the pounds stay pared. I don't want to risk starvation or ending up in the ER, because my body's tweaking out. Instead, I'm hoping I can get to where I need to by working out every day (employing Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution right now, which is kinda like P90X) and eating a lower-carb, higher protein, low sugar, but mostly balanced diet. My rationale: The most beautiful brides I've ever seen have been fit, not skinny, and they got that way by busting their butts at the gym.

Maybe I'll employ some other methods along the way, but you won't find me with a tube sticking out of my nose or taking strange hormone shots. After all, my rationale for getting in shape is about so much more than looking good in a dress. I want to feel better than ever before too. Can the brides who employ these extreme weight-loss plans say the same? Doubt it.

What did you do or what are you doing to look and feel great for your wedding?


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