Kelly Killoren Bensimon Does Something Weird to Fruit to Stay Fit (VIDEO)

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Kelly BensimonWhen you find a healthy snack that's worth eating, it's sort of like winning the lotto. For me -- usually I find something I enjoy, eat a whole bunch of it for weeks on end, and then can never ever consume it again.

Fit momma and former Real Housewife Kelly Killoren Bensimon has a healthy nosh that she just can't get enough of, and it looks DELISH. Crazy, I didn't know Kel had time to eat in between the zillion runs, fit classes, and appearances I see her tweet about everyday.

I kid. The best part? Her healthy go-to is CHEAP and she can make it herself. I'm SO in. Read on to find out what Kelly's snackin' on:

Ready for it? Dehydrated fruit. Sure, at first I was skeptical. I mean, the word "dehydrated" doesn't make me want to chomp on down.

However, it's easy to find a food dehydrator like Kelly's for around $50 at some discount stores, and wam bam you're in business. I was sold when Kelly shows how crispy the pineapple she made was. It was just like a chip! Hell, at certain points in the day, all I'm looking for is a bit of a crunch! Can I get an AMEN!?

Kudos to Kelly for trying a different approach to healthy snacking in her own home, and an even BIGGER kudos for starting her girls off eating right young. Watch Kelly talk about making her own snacks, here:

Would you try dehydrated fruit?


Image via Perez Hilton

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CLM3345 CLM3345

Yes! I've had it many times. Some fruits are wonderful dried, some not.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

So... You do know that dehydrated fruit has been around for...quite a while actually, right? Like pre-Bensimon era.

Anne4222 Anne4222

Do you also know it loses most of its nutritional value after being dehydrated?

Ari. Ari.

Not only does the fruit lose some of its nutritional value, but unless you are making it yourself at home, a lot of dried fruit out there in stores has a crap ton of sugars and preservatives in it which does not make it good for you at all.

bobek bobek

Wow, what a novelty. You can save yourself $50 and stick the fruit in the oven on the lowest temperature for a few hours. And there you have it: dehydrated fruit AKA dried fruit.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Dehydrated fruit is higher in sugar... by removing the water, you are concentrating the sugar into a smaller space (think a cup of sugar-infused water vs a teaspoon of straight sugar). And by dehydrating it, you are making it tiny, super-sweet, and "snackable", which means you are going to be tempted to eat WAY more of it. Where you might ordinarily eat one regular peach, you may end up eating two or three peaches if they're dehydrated into 'chips'.

It's not awful for you - especially when you compare to "regular" snacks like potato chips or crackers - but you do need to be mindful of the sugar content.

Sharon Mefford

As a diabetic, I would not eat dehydrated fruit in large amounts because dehydration concentrates the fruit and amps up the sugar content.

Felip... FelipesMom

Would I "try" dehydrated fruit? I'm sorry, are there really people out there who have never had this? Is it because some people don't realize "dehydrated" is just a fancy word for "dried"? I'm confused...

nonmember avatar Ross Currie

This is a great alternative to other unhealthy snacks that are filled with sodium , fats and oil. I like that you can purchase the dehydrator quite inexpensively and start making your own dehydrated fruit at home. What worries me is whether I am losing precious nutrients when I dehydrate the fruits, and whether I am better off with making a fruit drink with those fruits.

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