Elle Macpherson Gets Motivated to Workout With This Simple Trick

elle macphersonAt 48-years-old, Elle Macpherson is looking hotter than ever. The host of The Fashion Star is one of the world's most recognized models and age hasn't slowed her down one bit. She's got two sons and multiple work projects but she still makes time to workout. I mean, she's a supermodel after all, and she's been called "The Body" for over twenty years -- of course she's going to take pride in her physical fitness. 

Elle told Fitness magazine that she works out for an hour everyday, no matter what the circumstances. She runs, she swims, whatever outlet her location provides (be it a country road or an ocean), she's all about working out. It's no surprise she stays so active, but it is a surprise just how, exactly, she stays motivated. Elle revealed that she asks herself one question everyday:


If she ever doesn't really feel like lacing up her sneaks, she gets pumped for exercising with this trick:

I ask myself, 'Will I feel better or worse after a run or doing a sport?' I can't ever remember doing something physical and feeling worse.

There you have it. If you ask yourself this same question, I'm sure you'd get the same answer. I know I, for one, always feel better after a workout. I feel a sense of accomplishment, let alone re-energized or conversely, tired, but in a good way.
Just one question: why is it so hard for us to love working out when it makes us feel so good? Why do we hate it before and during, then afterwards, love it? It's one of life's biggest injustices.
Maybe if we all take a page out of Elle's book and remind ourselves everyday that exercising makes us feel good, we'll be called The Body one day, too. Maybe.
How do you stay motivated to work out?
Photo via fitness.com
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