Lady Gaga's Controversial Tweet Reveals Secret Body Issues

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lady gagaLady Gaga has never held back from expressing her strong stance on a multitude of tough topics -- from bullying to homophobia to eating disorders. While she admitted she suffered bulimia in the past, she's always been a cheerleader for healthier behaviors. Until, well, last night. She's under massive fire today for a tweet she sent that read, "Just killed back to back spin classes. Eating a salad dreaming of a cheeseburger #PopSingersDontEat #IWasBornThisWay." Uh-oh ...

The National Eating Disorder Association was among those caught off guard, responding, "Huh? This is the same person who recently implored girls to stop dieting?" Sadly, yes. While Gaga's public persona has always been a major proponent of healthy body image, I'm not surprised that personally, she's got troubling body issues.

The tweet was simply a slip that reflected how she's not exactly as secure in her self-image as she would have us believe. But, really, can we blame her?

Gaga may be extremely successful and seem like she's wise beyond her years, but I'm positive she's still coping with certain body image issues she speaks about all the time. Let's be real: Who isn't? What's more, she's dealing with being under the microscope of fame 24/7/365, and every little thing she eats in public, every curve on her body is scrutinized. It's enough to drive anyone bonkers.

I also get the feeling the "#PopStarsDontEat" remark was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, rueful, hyperbole ... She's saying that a salad isn't really EATING (in the "go big or go home" sense). In a perfect world where pop stars could keep their trim figures regardless of trans fats and calories, she'd much prefer to be having a cheeseburger, or you know, her mom's Sunday sauce and pasta, which she always talks about as being her fave. If she had tweeted something about skipping dinner, I would be more concerned. But she was only really commenting on how conscientious she has to be about her diet, since unfortunately, that is something that does come with her job.

In the end, did she make a mistake? Of course! It definitely wasn't the wisest or most articulate message to send out into the Twitterverse. But it wasn't as big a deal as I'm sure it will be blown up to be. Surely, she'll defend it at some point, and then after that, eh. Let it go. Given the tremendous pressure she's under, I say Gaga deserves a break.

What do you think Gaga's tweet says about her body image? Do you think she sent the wrong message?


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Stacey. Stacey.

I think her tweet reflects a healthy lifestyle which is a good, positive thing.

Jeri Lil'Monster Morris

Hey, Maressa Brown. Get a life and stop putting on Lady Gaga what you obviously have as your own issues.

Felly... FellyScarlett

What is SO wrong with eating healthy?

butte... butterflyfreak

I think it just goes to show she's HUMAN, just like the rest of us! Sure, she'd prefer a burger, but she's saying, "Hey, even I make sacrifices once in awhile to stay healthy." At least she's eating SOMETHING! And I bet she even, you know, let it stay in her stomach. Double win. Leave her alone!

Monamou Monamou

Its an honest comment. We know skinny perfect bodied celebs of all ages exercise A LOT and LITTLE.

Jess1... Jess10210

I think its sending a negative message. Joking about not eating isnt funny.


When is a salad not better than two cheeseburgers?

GlowW... GlowWorm889

@ KBW2 - When it's from McDonald's. ;)

LadyRabbit White

whats wrong with a salad? i dont think that tweet showed a disoreder .she is excersizing after all

libby261 libby261

Honestly, she said she's eating a salad.   Salads CAN contain more than just lettuce.  I put salmon, or chicken in my baby lettuce salad with a nice crunchy honey crisp apple and a bit of blue cheese and dressed with basil olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Sometimes I grill a couple of ny strips, slice and put that on a bed of salad greens for my family for dinner.  It's healthy and filling.  So, I'm think'n that LG probably had a salad with some chicken on it.  

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