Perverted 'Doctor' Sucked on Women's Breasts to Cure Cancer

stethescopeThere are so many outrageous and unbelievable aspects involved in this story about fake doctor Reginald Gill, 77, of Wales; it's hard to know where to start. Oh, I know, the fact that he was a FAKE doctor and was dishing out medical advice to real patients. Advice like letting him suck on women's breasts to cure the breast cancer with which he diagnosed them.

I wish I was kidding, but according to the Mirror, Gill offered up the perverted prescription to women at his alternative medicine clinic. This week he was sentenced to eight years in jail for his heinous acts against two women, and that doesn't seem like nearly long enough.


First of all, these women did NOT have cancer. Can you even imagine going through the panic, fear, and other extreme emotions of such a devastating diagnosis for no reason other than this sick man wanted to get off? That part alone makes me shake with rage at the mockery he made of the disease.

Then, after conducting intrusive physical exams while the women were naked, he delivered the news and proceeded to assault them. While it's hard to imagine any women actually letting him proceed with the bizarre treatment, I think when you're in that vulnerable of a position, and your life hangs in the balance, you're not thinking straight. Many would likely try anything if a doctor said it would save their life. As the judge in the case said, "It was a gross betrayal of trust."

In all, Gill was charged found guilty of three sexual assaults, six assaults by penetration, and two counts of fraud. His 35-year-old wife, Leila Gill, was convicted of sexual assault and fraud and sentenced to six months. Thankfully, the victims came forward before they could prey upon any other women.

Hopefully, these women will find some comfort in knowing that he's being made to pay for his crimes and in the fact that they don't have cancer. However, I wonder if they will ever fully be able to trust medical professionals again.

Have you ever received a prescription or treatment advice from a physician that you found questionable?


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