Bizarre Science Could Lead to Breast Cancer Cure

spider webYou gotta give science props when it comes to breast cancer. They're all over looking for treatments that might prevent or actually kill cancer cells. And thankfully, they're not just sticking to the book on this one. Researchers all over the world are looking into some seriously quirky cures. For instance ... baking soda and spider venom. Yes, really!

At the University of Arizona, scientists have won a $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to check out baking soda as a possible way to reduce the size of tumors. Skeptical? Well, they actually showed it to be effective ... in mice, at least.


Apparently it works by counteracting the lactic acid the growths produce when they expand. Plus, just by drinking a baking soda solution, cancer patients might actually change their body's pH, in turn making their cancer-fighting drugs more effective. So interesting, right? The only drawback is that this might have a toxic effect on other organs in the body, like the kidneys or the bladder. Doh! But I'm sure if there's enough potential, they'll be able to figure out a way to circumnavigate that issue.

While baking soda may not be that bizarre, how about spider venom? But I wouldn't be so quick to judge that one either, because the Australian government is giving $200K to researchers there to check it out as a way to kill cancer cells. In their studies, they'll mix cancer cells with spider venom and try to figure out if they can prevent the cancer from spreading, while removing it as well. Wow!

Can't say either groups of researchers aren't forward-thinking! Personally, I have no problem with them testing the wackiest-sounding items on the planet ... if that could potentially lead us to a cure.

Do you think either of these items seems too bizarre to work, or are they worth studying?

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