Anne Hathaway's Diet to Make Her 'Frail' Is Setting Her Up to Fail (PHOTO)

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anne hathaway with short hair leaving the box in sohoAnne Hathaway's long tresses aren't all that's recently gone missing from the beautiful actress's appearance. It looks like we can kiss any meat at all that used to cling to her lithe bones bye-bye. In addition to hacking off her hair, Anne's already begun losing weight (she never really had to lose in the first place) for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables.

The rumor buzzing around had been that she was somehow subsisting on a meager 500 calories a day. But her rep set the record straight on that, telling HuffPo: "The story is a huge exaggeration. Anne is on a special diet, but is not looking to lose that much weight, and she's consuming more than 500 calories a day. She just needs to look more frail as she is playing a prostitute who is dying of tuberculosis."

Ohhh! OKAY! So it's not that bad. Anne just needs to "look more frail." OMG. Just how sick is Hollywood?!

Look, I get it: Anne is one serious actress -- she's friends with Meryl Streep, after all! -- and it's not uncommon to see a major thesp transform herself for a role. Particularly a dramatic one, like Fantine. But aren't we living in the 21st century? The era of Avatar? Can't they use CGI, makeup artistry, incredibly gifted and artistic costumers to make a healthy woman look like someone dying of tuberculosis? Hellooo! Why put anyone's health at risk when you have so many other options on the table?

They're just lazy, that's why. It's easier to tell an actress to go on an extreme diet (it doesn't have to be just 500 calories to be extreme), because actresses have had to accept serious weight loss or gain as a built-in requirement for work in Hollywood for eons.

But it's so sad, so damaging. Playing this yo-yo game with weight can wreak havoc on the body, possibly leading to complications with the heart, liver, kidneys and causing fatigue, weakness, and changes in vital signs. It's a mistake to force it upon performers, who shouldn't have to sacrifice their well-being for work.

Do you think actors and actresses should have to lose weight to play certain roles, or should Hollywood figure out an alternative way to adjust their appearances?

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nonmember avatar Jane

It's complicated. She's an adult and can make this decision for herself. And the woman who plays this role has to look the part. This character is dying. Let's leave the artistic vision and health of individuals to the ones invested in the outcome. If Anne gets an ulcer it's her choice and she's free to make it. That being said, it's totally different for younger people. My HS drama teacher discouraged us from becoming the role because we were still becoming the people we would be. She didn't want our forming identities to get mixed up with our characters. Acting is a strange art!z

Miche... Michelephant


Unfortunately CGI and makeup can only go so far.  Too much computer imaging and it will definitely be noticeable (like all those computer generated abs in 300.  I can't watch the movie because I'm so distracted by the fakeness.)  Make up can make your face appear more hollow but it is much easier to use make up techniques to make a woman look fuller.  Like Keira Knightly's make up made cleavage in pirates of the Caribbean.  She is a highly paid actress and has enough status in the business to deny a role that she has to lose weight for.  She isn't some newbie who has no choice but to drop the pounds or forget a career.  Anne Hathaway made her own choice.

 I don't recall any outrage when Christian Bale recently dropped weight for The Fighter.  He weighed somewhere between 120 and 130 after being bulked up for Batman.  For a 6ft tall man that's insanely unhealthy!  No one criticized him or Hollywood for his yo yo diets.


Ann Namouse

Remember the MANE
.. The denial about Anne's unhealthy diet were empty. Never did they really say what it was that they were denying. The original news was Anne was trying to loose 16 TO 21 pounds. Anne's rep said she not try to loose that much! That much compared to what and WHEN. Anne's heroin chic cat suit fit from a diet of Kale and DUST, for Batman. Or perhaps from the start of Miserable filming where they had her fattened up to a chunky size 10. Ways and means, fat lose and a poor health look outside of the old fashion makeup is by loosing fat fewer calories maybe 501 a day like her rep said.

As a man all I can say is remember the MANE...

Patsy Dhegg


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H.Unger H.Unger

I don't know, they did an awesome job in Captain America.


I just hope she doesn't damage her health for this part.

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