Tall Women More Prone to Ovarian Cancer, but Don't Panic Yet

measuring tapeHang on just a second, here -- what's all this about tall women having a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer? That hardly seems fair. There's not much a girl can do about her height, after all. (Unless a pair of 3-inch stilettos is involved, but heels wouldn't help in this case.)

It's true: According to the latest research, taller women are more prone to ovarian cancer. Study results found "a slight increase in the risk of developing ovarian cancer for every 5cm increase in height (taking into account other factors such as age, smoking, and alcohol consumption)."

Sheesh, really? I guess a "slight" increase doesn't sound so bad ...


Oh, and by the way, it's just as risky to be overly wide as it is overly long (obesity is a risk factor, too). 

Says Sarah Williams, health information officer at Cancer Research UK, "Women can reduce their risk of this and many other diseases by keeping to a healthy weight. For women trying to lose weight, the best method is to eat healthily, eat smaller amounts and be more physically active."

Of course, whether or not she's obese is something a woman has relative control over -- compared to her height, anyway. So I guess the good news here for women of every size is that most of the contributing factors to ovarian cancer can be avoided: Smoking, drinking, being overweight.

If only aging could be avoided, too.

Do you worry about ovarian cancer?


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