Top 10 Food Mistakes to Not Make

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If you're on a mission--like me--to eat healthy, then here are some common food mistakes you definitely don't want to make. Looking through the list below, I made at least three mistakes just yesterday!


Prevention online went to experts to come up with this list of these healthy eating myths.

Food mistake 1: Choosing multi-grain bread or cereal

  • Take a close look at the label. Foods that say they're 7-grain or multi-grain may not be that nutritious at all.
  • Healthier choice: Look for labels that say whole grain, and check the ingredient list. The first or second ingredient should be whole grain.

Food mistake 2: Vitamin water.

  • These usually don't offer many nutrients, but instead add calories.
  • Healthier choice: Water and a multivitamin

Food mistake 3: Veggie chips over potato chips

  • Veggie chips are usually fried, food-colored calories. Real veggie snacks should have veggies first on their ingredient lists.
  • Healthier choice: Terra Chips, handful of nuts, and of course, real veggies

Food mistake 4: Snacks made with real fruit

  • These are usually made with concentrated white grape juice--lots of calories, low nutritious value.
  • Healthier choice: Raisins or dried fruit

Food mistake 5: Low-sodium foods

  • Even low-sodium options of packaged foods tend to have too much salt.
  • Healthier choice: Homemade foods you made--and added salt to--yourself. Be sure to look at the nutrition labels and keep in mind we need no more than 140 mg of sodium per serving of food.

Food mistake 6: Fat-free milk

  • Fat-free milk's nutrients can break down if they are exposed to light in glass or translucent containers.
  • Healthier choice: Buy milk in opaque or white containers. Blocking light maintains milk's nutrients like vitamin A and riboflavin.

Food mistake 7: Have a glass of wine or beer for your health

  • One is fine, but often one leads to two and two to three drinks. Three or more alcoholic beverages per day can lead to high blood pressure and other problems.
  • Healthier choice: Have one drink over a meal to help slow the rise of alcohol in your bloodstream.

Food mistake 8: A granola bar for breakfast

  • Granola bars are basically candy bars according to their ingredients.
  • Healthier choice: Hard-boil half a dozen eggs and grab one plus a piece of fruit when you have to eat breakfast on the go.

Food mistake 9: An after-dinner mint instead of dessert

  • Mints can cause heartburn. So can chocolate, soda and coffee
  • Healthier choice: Fruit.

Food mistake 10: Doggie bags

  • First of all, food needs to be in your refrigerator within 2 hours of your meal or you risk food poisoning. Say no to take-home bags unless you're headed home soon. Second, don't reheat your take out in Styrofoam because phthalates and bisphenol A could seep into your food.
  • Healthier choice: Order less so you don't need a doggie bag, of if you do, reheat at home in a glass container.

Oh my. Dear Granola Bar, I will miss you. Check out Cafe Kim's Food & Party buzz for Healthy Food Choices for Kids.

Do you make any of the mistakes you need to change?

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