Kanye West's Ode to Kim Kardashian Gets Cold Reaction From Theraflu Makers

TherafluIf you've opened either your eyes or your ears at all today, you likely know about Kanye West's new song "Theraflu" in which he proclaims his love for Kim Kardashian. It was conveniently released right as they went public with their budding relationship, and you couldn't plan a better publicity strategy for a record if you tried (which perhaps they did). One party at the center of the whole perfect media storm isn't so hot on the buzz, however ... and I don't mean Kris Humphries.

It seems the makers of the cold and flu drug named Theraflu (manufactured by Novartis) don't like the song one bit. According to TMZ, Kanye reportedly uses the name of the drug "because he's so cold to his enemies and they need a dose." That sounds like a pretty nice compliment to me and the kind of free publicity anyone would be crazy to sneeze at, but their Achoos! are coming in loud and clear.


In a statement, a spokesperson for Theraflu (the drug, not the song) said, "We in no way endorse or approve of the references or use of the image and likeness of Theraflu in this manner." Then they threw around all sorts of legal terms that could potentially mean a lawsuit.

Surely they couldn't be that stupid/ungrateful could they? I've worked in corporate America and I understand the importance of protecting your brand, but when you get someone like Kanye to rap about your product for FREE with a gold-mine Kardashian tie thrown in to boot, you should bow not balk. He could have just as easily gone with Tamiflu.

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Sure the lyrics are a bit racy, and both Kim and Kanye come with their own sets of controversy that could turn some consumers off, but Theraflu still has an out -- they didn't ask him to sing about their product. They're innocent bystanders, and if it just so happens that their brand gets stuck in people's stuffy, sniffly heads and their products fly off the shelves as a result, then so be it. Sounds like a hot deal to me ... and fodder for a great commercial somewhere down the line.

Do you think the makers of Theraflu should be offended or delighted by Kanye West's new song? Would you be more or less likely to buy Theraflu because of this song?


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