Giuliana Rancic Relives the Moment She Found Out She Had Cancer (VIDEO)

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giuliana rancic Giuliana Rancic may have been grappling with breast cancer for almost a year, but it really hasn't stopped her from being the vivacious and bold woman we've all grown to love. Now, she's back with a new season of her Style Network show Giuliana & Bill, and in the first episode alone, her honesty about her battle was so refreshing.

Take her recollection of September 7, 2011 -- the day she found out, in the middle of IVF treatment, that she had breast cancer.

She said in Tuesday's episode, while breaking down into tears ...

The second I heard the 'cancer,' I just remember my head went down, the ground went away and I just dropped through the earth, and I was just dropping, falling. It's like the worst second of your life. It's just awful. Everything you expect that conversation is going to be like – it's a hundred times worse, maybe a million times worse, because those are the words you never want to hear.

Making matters worse, Bill was actually out of town at a charity event. I can imagine how hard it has to be when you have your partner there to lean on, but at the time, Giuls was alone. Your heart just breaks hearing her re-tell the story.

But while it's one of the scariest, most difficult moments anyone could ever endure, she's so incredibly brave for sharing her struggles with the world. Specifically, for revealing what that terrifying, tremendously hard moment was like for her. It's impossible to not admire her strength.

Here's a clip in which Giuls talks about finding out that there was something suspicious on her first mammo ...

Do you admire Giuliana's honesty? Have you gone through something similar?

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nonmember avatar Mike M

In 2008 (in my late 20s) I was told by a medical intuitive that I have cancer (specifically, non-Hodgkin lymphoma). It wasn't really a shock to me at the moment (bit of a surprise though) as I didn't see any immediate threat to my life, and because knowing this much more in advance (compared to becoming ill then being tested in a hospital) and being given advice to eat healthier (my main change since then has been to eat raw broccoli daily - which has made a noticeable difference in the symptoms I had [that being an occasional sore underarm lymph node for about 1-3 days before subsiding for a few weeks to 2-3 months] prior to the diagnosis) has made it a much more manageable issue for me to deal with. At present (and for the past 2 years) I seem to be fine.

bills... billsfan1104

My mom feels guilty that I was alone when I found out I had breast cancer. I wasnt shocked when I found out though. I kinda knew, because of what I read of the signs. I worried more about my girls. My oldest girl broke down at school the next day. Shr callef me crying her eyes out and apologizing for being mean to me, when I told her. She said that she was in shock and that she loved me so much, she didnt want to me to die. Poor thing.

nonmember avatar juliana343

@MikeM - You don't have cancer. Your sisters are NOT possessed by demons, and could you please find a more appropriate site for these crazy posts!

nonmember avatar Mike M

juliana343, to be precise I didn't make either of those claims - I just provided the evidence I have. I simply said that I've been told that I had cancer (I don't know if I did/do/don't have cancer; I do know that my health has improved since I added raw broccoli to my diet), and I didn't say that my sisters were possessed by demons (I specifically said that I don't believe in demons) - just that they exhibited characteristics which could indicate that were being influenced/manipulated by one or more spirits or their soul. I also want to add that I was skeptical of everything "supernatural" until 2006 when I wanted to know for myself whether or not ghosts are real. So I read 300 of the (over 1,600) ghost stories at and made my decision based on the evidence we have. (If ghosts aren't real then all ghost stories are fabricated. And if all ghost stories are fake then there won't be seemingly mundane bits of evidence that can be found across ghost stories from thousands of different people who have experienced ghostly activities.) Since then I've read a number of books written or published by people who can communicate with spirits (and different sources do provide information that can easily be seen to be correlated) so I could learn more about the world we live in. I've also gained the ability to directly communicate with my spirit guide. I'd like to suggest that you seek out knowledge and evidence about what is and is not real rather than assume that you do know.

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