Chocolate May Actually Be a Wonder Drug After All

chocolateHere's your daily justification for eating chocolate (you're welcome!): Results of a recent study on the effects of "moderate" chocolate consumption published in The Journal of Nutrition "suggest strong benefits against cardiovascular disease."

Hang on. So not only can chocolate make you skinny, boost athletic performance, make you happy, and make you skinny (what? I said that already?), it can also maybe save your life? 

Hey chocolate -- you don't have to twist my arm. You had me at hello.

Really, stop. I don't need to hear anything else ... wait, what did you just say about migraines?


That's right: Preliminary research shows chocolate could help to treat migraines. Oh, AND colon cancer!

Okay, so that means chocolate could potentially act as protection against everything bad ever. (Almost.)

For the love of god, why am I not eating chocolate right now?!?!

Seriously. I think it's safe to say that chocolate has moved past the "possibly healthier than we thought" phase. We're well into "possibly the wonder drug we've been waiting for" territory now. The way I see it, scientists should probably form some sort of committee devoted to testing chocolate's magical medicinal qualities.

Oh, hey! How 'bout that ... they kind of did. It's called the International Society of Chocolate and Cocoa in Medicine, apparently. I love those guys!

Sure, it'll probably be awhile before they come up with any chocolate-based miracle cures, but I see no reason to wait for that wonderful day. That would be ridiculous.

That would be like ... bothering to find out what "moderate" chocolate consumption really means.

Do you think chocolate really could be a wonder drug?


Image via John Hritz/Flickr

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