‘Miracle Pill’ Zaps Wrinkles and Prevents Sun Damage -- Really?!

vitaminsIt's like something you'd see on an infomercial: Tired of wasting your whole summer applying and re-applying sunblock? Want to get rid of those unsightly crow's feet? Thanks to new miracle pill Colladeen Visage, you can say good-bye to wrinkles AND sunscreen -- forever!

But Colladeen Visage isn't the next ShamWow -- not exactly, anyway.

The pill, now for sale in the UK, has apparently been "proven" to both diminish signs of aging AND help the body produce its own shield against the sun's harmful rays.

Guess it really is a miracle pill ... unless ... hey, does this sound a little too good to be true to anyone else?

The "science" behind how the pill supposedly works seems to make sense, kind of -- you know, to those of us who aren't scientists and wouldn't know the difference anyway.

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Basically it all boils down to the power of plant chemicals, some of which apparently act against wrinkles by supporting "the structures beneath the skin's surface, including the main protein collagen." Others, including lutein and anthocyanidins, are the same pigments plants use to protect themselves against sun damage; supposedly "when these are present in high quantities in our diet we see a complex effect on skin chemistry: a natural SPF is achieved."

Sure, why not?

I don't mean to sound cynical. I mean, Colladeen Visage may not magically reverse aging, but it probably won't hurt anybody who takes it, either -- at least not any more or less than any other popular supplement promising amazing results.

Still, I wouldn't toss that sunscreen just yet.

Would you try a pill that made promises like Colladeen Visage?


Image via Keith Ramsey/Flickr

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kebrowni kebrowni

Definitely. And even if it didn't work, it wouldn't hurt to try.

Freela Freela

Sounds great... which makes me dubious!  I recently read about a 'miracle product' that prevents/reverses grey hair by providing a substance that hair follicles use to keep producing pigmented hairs.  As someone who has never dyed her hair and is seeing some grey creeping in, that sounds great!  After a little more research, I found that although the complex in question is tied to the production of pigmented hairs, it's completely deconstructed in the process of digestion.  Definitely glad I did more thorough research!  I would definitely do a lot of my own research and read a LOT of product reviews before spending money.

Mama2ETA Mama2ETA

No. We'll see an infomercial in a couple years saying how it causes cancer, seizures, heart failure, something severe. It's how medicine is. You shouldn't take it unless you need it.

nonmember avatar len

I've been vegetarian for 6 years, and only ate poultry and fish for a few years before going totally veg. People say I look younger than I did in my 20's (I'm 32). Fruits and veggies for the win.

Angie Hayes

Eating whole foods will do the same thing! Go vegetarian!

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