Anne Hathaway's 2-Apples-a-Day Crash Diet Is Downright Dangerous

anne hathawayOkay, I get that Anne Hathaway's character in Les Miserables, Fantine, is a factory worker/prostitute who dies of consumption during the French revolution. And that she probably wasn't looking too robust by the time she was on her deathbed. But I can't believe they're making Hathaway drop 16 pounds in under 20 days to film Fantine's final moments. Talk about method acting!

After weeks of working out with a personal trainer and eating nothing but a rumored two apples per day (and possibly a protein shake), Hathaway may very well be as gravely ill as the woman she's playing when she films those scenes.

Supposedly "Anne knows the risk of such an extreme diet and will undergo weekly medicals to make sure everything is still functioning as it should do." Perhaps.

But I still think Hathaway should have a talk with other stars who've gone the crash diet route -- and suffered the consequences.


Mila Kunis, who lost 20 pounds in a hurry for her role in Black Swan, was in for a shock when the movie wrapped:

“When I gained it back, it went to completely different areas. All the weight that left my chest went to my side hip, my stomach," she says. And apparently that's a typical pattern for people who go on crash diets, which screw with your metabolism in the worst of ways.

And that's not all they can do. Margaret Cho developed kidney failure when she starved herself in an attempt to slim down for her sitcom All-American Girl. Matt Damon, who lost 40 pounds in 4 months to play a junkie in Courage Under Fire, suffered adrenal gland problems and was told by doctors he was lucky his "heart didn't shrink."

Hey Anne, are you sure you "know the risks of such an extreme diet" really for real? Because this sounds like a (low-cal) recipe for disaster.

Can't the Les Mis makeup artists just paint some extra dark shadows under her eyes and call it a day?

Do you think Anne Hathaway's crash diet for Les Miserables is dangerous?

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