Michelle Obama Is Going to Whip Some 'Biggest Losers' Into Shape (VIDEO)

michelle obamaThis is sure to bring out some haters, and some terrible puns about who the "biggest loser" really is, but I think it's a cool idea that Michelle Obama is going to guest star on NBC's Biggest Loser. The White House episode will be a two-parter -- the contestants will go to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue where their (spoiler alert) family members will surprise them. In part two the following week, Mrs. O shows up to teach them about how adult eating habits affect children. Her appearance is obviously pegged to her Let's Move! initiative and the Loser-ettes are going to be treated to the show's first ever White House workout.

If I were them, I'd be a little nervous. I mean, have you seen Michelle's arms? There are going to be a lot of push-ups in the Loser-ettes' future.


Mrs. O has been criticised for her campaign to get Americans healthy -- the White House super bowl party menu was a heart attack waiting to happen, and Michelle's been spotted eating thousands of calories worth of burger and fries at Shake Shack -- but the whole point of her initiative is to get people active, and to enjoy foods in moderation.

I'm all for this Let's Move thing. Let's do this. Let's move. Let's eat right. Let's play outside. Whatever. I'm game. I think it's great Mrs. O is going to be on the Biggest Loser, which, let's be honest, could use a ratings bump. She'll breathe new life into the series, and maybe inspire a contestant or viewer, too.

Will you watch Michelle Obama on Biggest Loser?


Photo via an honorable german/Flickr

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