Super-Skinny Victoria Beckham Thinks She Looks Like Average Women -- Scary!

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victoria beckham harper's bazaar UKMost American women wear a size 14+, and Victoria "Posh" Beckham is a size 4 (sometimes even smaller). But no matter. She tells Harper's Bazaar UK that her body represents "the general public." Apparently, when she's designing her clothing line, she has her "fabulously gorgeous 17-year-old model who is six-foot-whatever" step aside and she will try on the garment -- in order to see if it works for the average woman! Yup! True story! Bhahahahaha.

Well, this proves it. Becks' wifey must have a serious issue with body dysmorphia, huh? Which isn't exactly funny. It's actually quite messed up and sad. But it just goes to prove that celebs -- especially those known for their incredibly tiny figures and completely limited diets (Beckam is known to subsist on edamame beans, frozen grapes, steamed fish, and raw vegetables) should probably keep their mouths shut about having anything in common with the average woman. At least not when it comes to our bodies.

Because the disparity in itself is damaging enough. Just consider how twenty years ago, the average fashion model weighed 8 percent less than the average woman. Today, she weighs 23 percent less! Or how most runway models meet the Body Mass Index physical criteria for Anorexia, and despite the majority of women seeking fashionable clothes in a size 14+, the industry continues to cater mostly to size 0s through size 6s. Because no one wants to be -- gasp! -- associated with "plus-size." (Even though what they think is plus-size is really average ... agh!) 

What we see in advertisements, magazines, on celebs like Posh, or even in stores as "normal" has created a monster, a box that most women can't realistically fit into -- literally! And it is unnecessarily wreaking havoc on our body image, self-esteem, and, in turn, feeling of empowerment.

I totally appreciate that Beckham believes she is actually helping women by attempting to cater to us, but by using her own body as a means of measure, she's way off the mark. She needs a reality check about what "the general public" actually looks like, the challenges real women are dealing with, and the qualities we're looking for in our garments. Because come on, let's be real: Not even the thinnest women look or live like Victoria Beckham. By realizing, then admitting that to herself and then to us, she would be really doing "the general public" a favor.

Does Victoria Beckham's skewed perspective upset you? Do you think it's about time Hollywood and the fashion industry get a clue about what most women look like?

Image via Harper's Bazaar UK

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nonmember avatar Dezra

Keep in mind that 23percent is much different because people are fatter these days!

nonmember avatar cancan


nonmember avatar Shelly

Have you considered that fashion models weight 8% less, because women weigh so much MORE now. Size 4, is NOT super skinny, either. When you get up above size 14, you are talking overweight to obese. Just because that's the norm, doesn't mean that's best. Being "average" sized in America, is not good. The average should not be fat!! Has the woman looked to skinny at times, sure!! Still, women in America are unhealthy. Unhealthy should not be applauded, because it's the norm. Being very thin shouldn't be applauded, either. Why is it OK to be obese, because so many are? It's not. Just like it's not OK to be too thin, because people in Hollywood are. Perhaps, if we stopped praising wouldn't be our biggest health crisis. Perhaps, if we stopped praising thin, it wouldn't be the idea. We should be praising HEALTHY.

nonmember avatar Amanda

I'm 4'11" and 115lbs. and I assumed I was only slightly smaller than average and only because I am short, not skinny. I have never dieted and I eat whatever; I love Wendy's and have ice cream every night before bed. I think Victoria had a skewed image of herself but she may believe she is average because she is surrounded by waifs.

nonmember avatar Billiethemom

Americans are fat! We are in the middle of an unhealthy and terrifying epidemic of obesity. Fashion shouldn't accommodate that, we, as a nation, should get healthy. What Victoria supposedly "subsists on" sounds a lot better than McDonald's and shouldn't be made fun of...

nonmember avatar JustMe

Without standardized sizing in women's clothing, I can hardly see how we can determine a TRUE "average size American women wear" HOWEVER in saying that; the "Average Size" that women are, in a counrty KNOWN to have HIGH obesity rates, maybe "Average" isn't catered to because it IS Plus-Size (14+ is considered plus size, but 12 is "average".. again no standardized sizing makes this a difficult debate). Self-Esteem needs to come from the SELF (as someone who has stuggled with weight, body image, self-esteem, deptression and anxiety, I can relate but it doesn't change that feeling good about you, starts with you). Also: "let's be real: Not even the thinnest women look or live like Victoria Beckham." while I don't know any women who LIVE like her, I know plenty (including myself) who are thin like her (I currently range 2-4 or 3-5 in pants, 33-24-34 5 feet tall 103 lbs. for the past 5 years WOOT!) and I'm the "curvy one" in my family LOL Maybe if people started putting it on themselves to feel good about themselves and quit looking to others to affirm their worth, this won't be a discussion.

femal... femaleMIKE

14 is not obese. Why should VB's opinion upset me?

MrsKi... MrsKittyKat

Is it scary when obese women consider themselves average?  It seems to happen more often than the other way around.  I think its far more damaging than her modesty.  She's just trying to sell her clothing line.  Anyway, this tired subject matter.

Karin... Karine561

Wait a mintute!!! Are you talking about UK size???? They are different than American size. If she is a size 4 it means she a size 0-2 !!! I'm a size 4, 5'1" and don't look skinny like her.

cocob... cocobeannns

She looks like a 0-2, it has to be UK size. My sister has a similar frame and she barely wears a 2.

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