Martina Navratilova Loses on ‘DWTS’ But Wins Battle Against Breast Cancer (VIDEO)

martina navratilovaMartina Navratilova may have been the first person voted off of Dancing with the Stars, but her experience on the show was not a loss in the least. The 55-year-old tennis star said that she went on DWTS to bring awarness to breast cancer. Martina was diagnosed with the disease two years ago and is eager to spread the message that women should get tested. She told Us Weekly that it was a big deal for her to make it through 2010 and her goal in coming on the venerable dance series was to share her story and to encourage women to get screened.

Martina may not have the best dance moves, but she certainly has the best attitude.


She's not a sore loser -- well, I'm sure her body's aching all over the place -- but she's certainly not bitter about being sent home. She's not a great fox trotter. So what? Sounds like Martina is grateful for the experience, grateful she had the opportunity to spread the word about breast cancer screenings, and grateful for her health. She's a winner if there ever was one.

 Watch Martina's exit interview from DWTS:

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