Tough Congresswoman Shows Breast Cancer Who's Boss With Boob Jokes

debbie wasserman schultzIf you've ever caught Florida Congresswoman and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz making a guest appearance on one of the big cable news channels, you know that she's a downright formidable opponent to any conservative she's pitted against. But something a lot of people don't realize is that the politician is also a fighter in her personal life. Schutz has had seven surgeries (including a double mastectomy) related to her breast cancer -- while actively maintaining her responsibilities as a member of the House of representatives.

Clearly, she's one tough woman. But what I love just as much is that she's been able to joke about her experience. As a featured speaker at Saturday’s annual Gridiron Dinner in D.C., she made light of her long journey in the best possible way ...


Debbie joked:

My health battle wasn’t all bad. I got these [breast implants]. I like to call them my 'silver linings.' Some people who know my story ask: "Debbie, are they fake?" I say, hell, yes, they're fake. The real ones tried to kill me, although the fake ones feel very real. At least that’s what the TSA agents tell me.

HA! Gotta admire a lady who is able to joke about one of the most challenging roads any woman could possibly have to go down! And you know, it actually says a lot about how she was able to survive that road. I mean, SEVEN surgeries?? Ugh ... But if I had to guess, I'd say that she's stayed as optimistic as anyone possibly could along the way and kept fighting the good fight with a positive outlook -- which is amazing. People who are able to do that seem to have a much better shot at survival. Not to mention that having a sense of humor has to be one of the best ways to handle the harsh realities of cancer.

What do you think about Debbie's jokes?

Image via Medill DC/Flickr

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