The Best Way to Relieve Stress at Work Is So $%&* Simple

shut mouthShut the $%*# up! Apparently the whole concept of Not Safe For Work needs to be tossed out the window, at least where cursing is concerned: According to a new study, "the use of expletives in the office can boost group solidarity and act as a stress reliever."

Hell yeah! That must explain why we're all so relaxed and friendly here at The Stir. I mean, I'm totally just kidding. It's not like we swear like truck drivers or something. Nope, not us.

Seriously though, I think I get where this study is coming from. Researchers say their findings have something to do with the "positive consequences" of a "permissive leadership culture," which could be absolutely true.

But I bet that's not the only reason ...


I'm willing to wager that these "positive consequences" have at least as much -- if not more -- to do with the fact that people simply do a better job when they're allowed to be themselves.

If my workplace was such that every time I accidentally dropped the f-bomb I had to worry about getting scolded, I would feel about as creative/productive as I did diagramming sentences in 8th grade under the watchful eye of Sister Rose. I'm not saying people should be disrespectful of co-workers or intentionally offensive or anything, but of course employees are going to be less stressed out if they can blow off a little steam without fear of getting rapped on the knuckles with a ruler, so to speak.

That's the way I see it, anyway. And if you've got a problem with that, why don't you shove it up ... oh, never mind.

What do you think about swearing in the office?

Image via Jenny Poole/Flickr

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