Here's How Transcendental Meditation Gave Oprah Peace of Mind (VIDEO)

oprah meditateLeave it to Oprah: Transcendental Meditation has been around for decades, attracting such famous followers as The Beatles and David Lynch, but now that Winfrey practices TM ... well, people are really paying attention.

Hey, after hearing Winfrey talk about her own experience with TM on last night's episode of Oprah's Next Chapter -- she even visited a town in Iowa where an estimated third of the population practices -- I'm paying attention, too. Transcendental Meditation has been known to reduce anxiety and even blood-pressure (which makes sense, considering the link between stress and cardiovascular disease), promote feelings of well-being, and improve self-image.

None of this is news. But now that Oprah says it's true ... well, I'm sold. (Come on, how often is the woman wrong?)

Here are the basics of Transcendental Meditation ...


It requires surprisingly little time. Generally two sessions per day of 15 to 20 minutes each are all it takes.

What actually happens during a session is really pretty simple. The practice of TM involves the silent repetition of a one- to three-syllable mantra. That's essentially it.

You don't need a teacher. Some might disagree with this point, but others insist it's possible to teach yourself TM -- including picking your own mantra (traditionally, one's matra is given to them by a guru).

Hmm. I wonder what my mantra should be. Since Oprah is kind of everybody's de facto guru, maybe a famous Winfrey-ism. Perhaps "Aha!" or "Remember your spirit." (Whoops, that one's too long.)

Have you ever tried Transcendental Meditation? Would you?

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