Getting Jennifer Aniston's Hot Body Is Easier Than You Think (VIDEO)

jennifer anistonHave you ever envied Jennifer Aniston's super-buff figure? If you say no, then I'm going to have to assume you're either lying or you're just hopelessly devoted to Team Angelina and refuse to shed any sort of positive light on Jen. Because it's pretty hard to argue that she's got one of the most rockin' bodies in Hollywood -- hands down.

So many of us have always wondered how she manages to stay so slim and trim, without the slightest hint of a lump, bump, or inconvenient bulge. She has to be drinking some sort of magic potion right? Well, it turns out that her method for staying in perfect shape is one that many of us have access to right in our hometowns, and a lot of us are probably already doing it. So -- how do we make our bodies look just as buff as Jen's?


It turns out all we have to do is head down to our local yoga studio and get our zen on. Yoga? Really? That's it? Huh. I wonder what I did wrong when I bought into the hot yoga craze for a little over a year. I got on that mat and endured sweating like a pig over and over again, and while I did tone up a bit, I never remotely resembled Jennifer Aniston. I must have been doing the poses incorrectly or something -- because they're sure workin' for Jen.

Jen's trainer, Mandy Ingber, has had her doing yoga workouts for quite some time now, and she thinks that the balance it has created between her mind, body, and emotions is what has made her body so flawless. Mandy also says that Jen is very disciplined in her workouts, which isn't exactly a shock. I think you kind of have to be a bit rigid and consistent with your routine to maintain such astonishing results.

Mandy does offer a yoga DVD called Yogolosophy, which Jen supposedly used while filming Wanderlust. I have to admit -- I'm pretty tempted to order it and give yoga one more try. Looking like Jen would definitely be worth the shipping and handling fees.

To hear more details on Jennifer Aniston's yoga workout, check out the video below.


Do you practice yoga as part of your exercise routine?


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