Photographer Poses in Pink Tutu to Fight Breast Cancer (VIDEO)

bob careyHere's what I love about Brooklyn-based photographer Bob Carey's The Tutu Project: We've seen plenty of people wear pink ribbons to support breast cancer awareness, but pink tutus are something new. Especially when they happen to be on a topless middle-aged man with plenty of chest hair and, uh, a significantly wider waist than the average ballerina.

First the images grab your attention (a half-naked dude in a tutu posed everywhere from Times Square to Italy to Atlantic City -- how could they not?), then they tug at your heart strings: That half-naked dude in a tutu (Bob Carey) has a wife who happens to be fighting a recurrence of breast cancer; Carey hopes to publish the series in a book to benefit cancer organizations.

Awww. Is there anything sweeter than a man who's willing to play the fool for love?


I hope Carey's pictures make tons of money for breast cancer, but he's already given everyone (like the women his wife met in the hospital) a far more valuable gift: Laughter. You can't look at these pics without chuckling, and they say good spirits help the recovery process along ... so The Tutu Project could quite literally be helping to save lives.

Would you buy this book to benefit breast cancer awareness?


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