Giuliana Rancic's Still 'Shallow' Despite Breast Cancer -- Thank Goodness! (VIDEO)

giuliana rancicIt's easy to forget that Giuliana Rancic has been battling breast cancer. It's really damn impressive how "put together" she has come across this entire time. For example, when you'd see her on E! or when she was covering the red carpet at the Oscars, she looked and seemed just like the old Giuliana. Like nothing has changed, despite her fight and double mastectomy.

As it turns out, that's exactly how she wanted to appear, she confessed to Glamour for their April issue.


Because, as far as who she is at her core, nothing had really changed!! I absolutely LOVE this quote that describes how Giuls "broke the ice" with co-workers who expected her to be a completely different woman post-op ...

My first day back, I walked in and these girls I’d seen every day -- my assistant, my hair and makeup girls, who I’d have fun with and be crazy with -- all had this sad look in their eyes. It was like, 'Hey, guys, cut the bulls—t. I’m the exact same person I was before. I’m still shallow, I still love clothes, I still want to talk fashion, I still want to gossip, so lay it on me.' They were like, 'Thank God.'

Hilarious -- come on, I'm sure she was kidding about that shallow part. But it's still heartbreaking at the same time, right? Since I'm sure that when you're sick, it's impossible to avoid expectations and constant worry from the people around you. Of course, it just means they care, but who would want their friends, family, co-workers, etc. to be walking on eggshells, afraid they couldn't relate to you the same way they did before you battled cancer?

I know a young woman who is in remission, and she's the same girl she was before cancer. Maybe just a tad wiser -- perhaps even ballsier! And now the writing is even more so on the wall: She's one tough and brave chick.

Same goes for Giuliana. This interview is even more proof that she's handled illness with such grace, and it's really inspiring to see just how determined she has been -- from the get-go! -- to not let it bring her down. And it's that attitude, I'm sure, that has helped her power through.

Check out this video for more details on Giuliana's return to work ...


Have people ever assumed you had changed after suffering from cancer or another illness? How did that make you feel?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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