5 Easy Ways to Swing Into Spring Fitness

tulipsWoo-hoo! Tomorrow is officially the First Day of Spring. And not a moment too soon, my little muffin top. Oh, don't look so insulted. Believe me, it's not like you're the only one who's been slacking off on the whole exercise/healthy eating thing for the past couple of months: A guy who works at the gym told me the other day that business is always super slow during February and March. (Hey, he works at the gym, so it must be true.) 

Anyway, I know I'm way more motivated to go outside and move when it's not cold and gray and rainy/snowy. I'm also way less likely to crave bulk-you-up foods like macaroni and cheese or donuts.

Springtime makes it easy to do all the stuff we're supposed to do. So, in honor of the season's inherent laid-back-osity, here are 5 super easy ways to swing into spring fitness ...


1. Add fresh fruit to every meal. All the good stuff is coming back into season, so it won't break the bank to broaden your produce horizons beyond apples and bananas: Berries, peaches, melons ... yum. Think minimum prep work (just wash 'em), maximum antioxidant potential.

2. Take a walk with a friend. Not ready to run a marathon? Who cares? All you need for now is some fresh air, light cardio, and good company, all guaranteed to boost your mood and make you take better care of yourself.

3. Drink more water -- and drink mostly water. You probably won't be craving the same hot caramel latte that got you through the dead of winter anyway, so take the opportunity to switch to refreshing, calorie-free water (and/or sugarless or low-sugar iced teas and spritzers). Skip the diet soda, that stuff will mess you up.

4. Breathe. Seriously, breathing is a big deal. And when we're all chilly and tense and stressed, we tend to take shorter breaths (which makes us feel a lot like we're hyperventilating, which only adds to the stress and misery of winter). Deep breaths, in ... out. Om.

5. Get some sun! Yes, of course you should wear sunscreen. But sunshine is actually good for you, remember? Our bodies need it to produce vitamin D. And it helps stave off depression, too. So it's safe to leave that shadowy cave of yours.

What will you do to get fit this spring?

Image via LenDog64/Flickr

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