Suzanne Somers' Secret to Everlasting Youth Is Mind-Blowing (VIDEO)

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ray kurzweil futuristPrepare to have your mind completely blown. Because futurist Ray Kurzweil (who predicted the web, the fall of the U.S.S.R. and the fact that a computer would beat a human at chess years before those incidents actually occurred) sat down to chat with Suzanne Somers on her CafeMom Studios YouTube show, Suzanne Somers Breaking Through, yesterday and his latest prediction is nothing short of WILD!

Kurzweil says that in 25 short years, computers will be the size of a blood cell. Not that strange in itself, unless you think about trying to text with something that tiny, but anyway ... And we'll put these "nanobots" inside of our bodies, to flow through our bloodstreams.  Kurzweil explains that "robotic white blood cells" will augment our immune systems and destroy cancer, and "robotic red blood cells" could keep us oxygenated for hours, even if we have a heart attack. Whoa. I told you -- mind totally blown, yes?

AND it gets better!

Apparently, when a new disease comes along, we'll be able to download new cures for it. Beyond that, he talks about how we'll be able to tap into biotechnology to bolster genes that keep us young and turning "off" genes that age us. (Sounds like a dream come true for the Botox crowd, eh? Joan Rivers would kvell!) And Kurzweil predicts that in 15 years, we'll be able to adding more than a year every year to your remaining life expectancy. And he thinks that we could get to the point where we're living to 100 years old and LOOKING 30 years old. Wowowowow!

Check out their Q&A here ...

Like Suzanne Somers, my mind has been totally blown by all of this. Sounds like there's some incredibly helpful -- albeit potentially controversial -- science on the horizon to help us stay young!

Want to get more of Suzanne Somers Breaking Through? Check out the new video series on the CafeMom Studios YouTube Channel! A new episode will appear every Thursday, but you can subscribe right there in case you forget!

What do you make of Kurzweil's predictions?


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the3Rs the3Rs

 don't WANT to live to 100 years anyway - let alone looking like 30.  Nanobots in my blood?  No thanks.  I'll pass.  I do believe there has to be a limit to these things - I believe it could be possible (the things this guy says) but possible doesn't mean it *should* be done.

nonmember avatar John Andersen

I find it interesting that people can put forward such a range of justifications as to why we should accept aging and death. Nobody is suggesting the option to age and die should be denied to those that choose that path but we will have a moral duty to make available the fruits of our technology to those who wish to avail themselves of it.

nonmember avatar Mark Reilly

Technology has yielded many rewards but the gift of eternal youth will by far exceed all the others combined.

MamaL... MamaLauraWilson

Guess you don't watch much science fiction...this stuff was fictionalized 10-20 or more years ago. Lol.

sweet... sweetbabiesof3

this sort of thing is already out, I watch the Dr's TV show just recently and they were talking about a microchip that your Dr can implant into your hand, that in case of an accident all the hospital has to do is scan you hand and it will pill up all your medical info. I do believe this will happen someday, but I also believe that only the elite rich and powerful will be able to have access to it. After all drug companies will stand to make billions off this technology and it won't be cheap.

heave... heavenlybliss19

Ewww.  No thank you.  I'd rather die a natural death that God intended for me than let some doctor put some nasty little chip inside me.  That's against my faith and gross!

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