Psychics Bashed as Fakes, But Don't Throw Out Your Crystal Ball Yet!

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psychic crystal ballEver feel like you're having deja vu, or you go with your gut when making a decision and it turns out you followed the perfect path? We all have. There are even amazing, open-minded docs out there encouraging patients to self-heal using medical intuition. There are definitely people who are naturally gifted with these skills, but I believe just about anyone can be "psychic."

But a new study says, "Hell no." University of Edinburgh psychologist Stuart Ritchie and colleagues set out to refute a previous study done at Cornell University that examined the idea that our brain has the ability to anticipate future events and claimed to find evidence of psi phenomena (or the brain's ability to "see into the future"). Ritchie wasn't able to replicate the first study's results, so he's basically concluding that psychic ability doesn't exist.

However, as the first researcher from Cornell, Daryl Bem, notes, Ritchie & Co. were skeptical of psychic abilities to begin with, so they might have unwittingly influenced their participants not to display any clairvoyance. He argues that researchers definitely have a hand in influencing the outcome of their study.

That's the thing about psychic phenomena ... or Tarot or even astrology -- anything that's not mainstream and is labeled "occult." You have to believe in it to get the most out of it. Sometimes, you have to believe it in order to see it. And likewise, if you are already 100 percent sold on not believing it, then you're going to argue that it is bunk -- no matter what.

Plus, of course, there's plenty of fodder for the science-minded types like Ritchie to attack psychics in particular. Like con-artists or other phonies. But that shouldn't negate the fact that there are also real, gifted psychics doing amazing work. Some even help law enforcement solve crimes. My fellow Stir writers and I have had positive experiences with professional readings. And Ritchie's research can't change the fact that many of us use our brains to think above and beyond what's right before our eyes. (Isn't it actually kind of ignorant after all to only believe what science says is real?)

In the end, scientists may disagree that psychic ability is legit, but who says we need them to confirm it anyway?

Do you believe psychic ability is real?

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nonmember avatar Megan

Science can only measure the physical realm, not the spiritual. You cannot prove something you can't measure or re create in testing. SO it makes sense that science does not agree with psychic intuitions, as all science is based on the ability to measure or recreate something.

Science can give 'facts' all they want but the FACT is that I have dreams before certain things happen, down to dreaming about a girl getting rabies, the night before my daughter was bitten by a rabid bat at day care (RANDOM). Or how I dreamed my ex husband was sleeping with an old fling from HS (who lived hundreds of miles away). There were no signs and no way I would have concocted that myself. But alas, it was true, she was coming into town regularly and he would sneak out during the night for hours to do it and come back before I knew he was even gone.
Can it be recreated upon request? nope! Is it always exact, NOPE. But it's real whether science likes it or not and it happens over and over. The first 10 times you wonder if its just random coincidences, after that you know it's not.

nonmember avatar Mike M

Yes. And my opinion is that it is not the brain or body itself that allows certain individuals to be psychic, a healer, and/or a medium, etc., but something outside of the physical body (and not in another physical dimension either - rather it's likely the product of alien technology that exists in the Universe we're in, and it's likely not far from us) that uses the brain and body as a medium for such abilities and knowledge. Also, in my experience of gaining the ability to communicate with spirits and heal myself and others, being open-minded is important, but it's also likely to be more important to *educate yourself* about the spiritual aspect of the world we live in.
Just as we don't give car keys to people who aren't prepared to be able to drive a car, it is likely common that spiritual abilities are typically not simply given to those who are not yet ready to possess such abilities.

nonmember avatar Mike M

As for my experience in gaining the spiritual abilities that I have today, I personally have been open-minded throughout most of my life (though typically skeptical), but I knew very little about the spiritual aspect of life until 2006 when I became interested enough in the subject to read ghost stories to figure out if ghosts are real or not. Then I begin reading books written by those who can communicate with spirits to learn more about the spiritual aspect of life. After a while (and right around the time I read a book on channeling your spirit guide) my spirit guide began interacting with me in a way that wasn't merely transparent to me (as is often the case with how spirits interact with all people. For example, we often assume that dreams are merely created by our brain when many are actually spiritually sourced) on a daily basis.

nonmember avatar Megan

The Bible says that God has spoken gifts into us that cannot be revoked. No matter what we believe they were still given to us and can be used and exercised. Personally I look to Jesus. I find every spiritual answer. And for the physical measuring of the world, science it is.

nonmember avatar blh

Ive been to a psychic and so has my mom and they told us some things that they had no way of knowing. So yes i believe somewhat.

nonmember avatar kick me

I don't believe in psychic powers. I do believe that the Holy spirit speaks to us and tells us things. Some of us listen while others don't.

heave... heavenlybliss19

I believe God grants psychic ability to few people on this Earth, and those people are to use their gifts to carry out His plan.  

jaiel... jaiellelove

I have psychic abilities and I have talked with the deceased. I also understand why I am capable of doing so. I cannot call upon it, IT calls upon me. I don't tell people that I am capable of doing this and I don't always share when I have a "vision". I have had people say dumb things like, "if you're psychic, why aren't you rich?" doesn't work like that. I will say that having this ability has made me stronger. Having the premonitions better prepped me for things that the universe knew would devastate me. So through my life and definitely now, nothing really shocks me. So its part blessing/part curse.

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