Psychics Bashed as Fakes, But Don't Throw Out Your Crystal Ball Yet!

psychic crystal ballEver feel like you're having deja vu, or you go with your gut when making a decision and it turns out you followed the perfect path? We all have. There are even amazing, open-minded docs out there encouraging patients to self-heal using medical intuition. There are definitely people who are naturally gifted with these skills, but I believe just about anyone can be "psychic."

But a new study says, "Hell no." University of Edinburgh psychologist Stuart Ritchie and colleagues set out to refute a previous study done at Cornell University that examined the idea that our brain has the ability to anticipate future events and claimed to find evidence of psi phenomena (or the brain's ability to "see into the future"). Ritchie wasn't able to replicate the first study's results, so he's basically concluding that psychic ability doesn't exist.


However, as the first researcher from Cornell, Daryl Bem, notes, Ritchie & Co. were skeptical of psychic abilities to begin with, so they might have unwittingly influenced their participants not to display any clairvoyance. He argues that researchers definitely have a hand in influencing the outcome of their study.

That's the thing about psychic phenomena ... or Tarot or even astrology -- anything that's not mainstream and is labeled "occult." You have to believe in it to get the most out of it. Sometimes, you have to believe it in order to see it. And likewise, if you are already 100 percent sold on not believing it, then you're going to argue that it is bunk -- no matter what.

Plus, of course, there's plenty of fodder for the science-minded types like Ritchie to attack psychics in particular. Like con-artists or other phonies. But that shouldn't negate the fact that there are also real, gifted psychics doing amazing work. Some even help law enforcement solve crimes. My fellow Stir writers and I have had positive experiences with professional readings. And Ritchie's research can't change the fact that many of us use our brains to think above and beyond what's right before our eyes. (Isn't it actually kind of ignorant after all to only believe what science says is real?)

In the end, scientists may disagree that psychic ability is legit, but who says we need them to confirm it anyway?

Do you believe psychic ability is real?

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