Billboard About Hot Dogs & Cancer Might Make You Lose Your Lunch

hot dogsHey, I know what! Let's see who can come up with the least appetizing-sounding disease. Well of course, no diseases sound delicious, but I'm just saying: LEAST appetizing. I'll go first, ready? Okay, here goes: Butt cancer.

I win, right? Like, you're not even going to bother, are you? I expected as much.

So did the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a Chicago-based non-profit nutrition advocacy group. That's why they chose "butt cancer" over "colorectal cancer" when they decided to put up a billboard warning against the risks of processed meats.

Hey, they made their point. Not many people can drive past a billboard with a message like this:

"Hot dogs cause butt cancer: Processed meats increase colorectal cancer risks."


And keep their lunch date at the Chili Dawg Shack!

Look, I get that some people think the billboard was crass and offensive. That's because it's supposed to be. Judging by this country's problems with obesity and heart disease and diabetes, I think it's safe to say that Americans don't really respond all that well to subtleties. Or even ... I don't know, whatever the halfway point between subtle and knock-you-over-the-head obvious is.

Because it's not like the link between junk food and ill health is breaking news anymore. There isn't a single human being who can use "Well, nobody told me!" as an excuse for living on fast food. So maybe it's time we start busting out the big guns of gross: BUTT CANCER.

Pretty hard to ignore. NO ifs, ands or butts about it.

Do you think the billboard about hot dogs and butt cancer went too far?


Image via rob_rob2001/Flickr


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