Behind the Scenes Look at 'The Stir' (And All the Strange Stuff on Our Desks)

Behind the Scenes Look at 'The Stir' (And All the Strange Stuff on Our Desks)

balloonsAn outdoor table at a Starbucks in sunny Florida. A couch in California. A lawn in Seattle. A home office in Boston and rows and rows of desks in Midtown, Manhattan. Even though The Stir team is spread out, we're definitely united. On an average day, each one of us receives and sends close to three billion emails, six trillion instant messages, and a dozen or so notes by carrier pigeon when the Internet is being slow as molasses. (Mmm. Molasses.)

And these emails eventually turn into posts. Each staff writer is responsible for seven original posts every day, Monday through Friday. The editors have their hands full coming up with big ideas, monitoring traffic, lots of other really important stuff, and planning our yummy pizza lunches. (Mmm. Pizza lunches.)

So we thought we'd show you our work spaces to let you in on where all the wordy magic, slash black magic, happens. Just another little peek behind the scenes, if you will.

And I'm sure if you look closely enough, you'll spot a recurring desk item that can be described as the driving force behind The Stir -- caffeine. (Mmm. Caffeine.)


Photo via ewan traveler/Flickr

  • Amy Boshnack, Editorial Director


    Head honcho Amy may have a messy desk, but her mind is as uncluttered as they come. She likes her hot pink headphones and hopefully suck-ups, too.

  • Adriana Velez, Staff Writer


    Is that sage under your monitor, Adriana? Do you burn it when we're not here to get the bad vibes out of our office? 'Preciate it, girl.

  • Catherine Donaldson-Evans, Senior Editor


    Baby swag and hand sanitizer take center stage on new mom Catherine's desk.

  • Cynthia Dermody, Managing Editor


    Cynthia keeps it real ... and real neat, too.

  • Emily Abbate, Editorial Assistant


    Emily has no excuse for forgetting anything, ever. Look how big that calendar is! Also? Her lotions smell perty.

  • Jaqueline Burt, Staff Writer


    This is nothing compared to the amount of beverages Jacque usually has on her desk. She's a hydration inspiration.

  • Jeanne Sager, Staff Writer


    Jeanne works from her dining room table in upstate New York and talks out her ideas with that cute little toy. He's a great listener.

  • Jill Baughman, Copy Editor


    Laces out, Jill. Laces. Out.

    Go Steelers!

  • Julie Ryan Evans, Staff Writer


    Go ahead, rub it in, Julie. When you having all of us down to Florida for a field trip?

  • Lindsay Mannering, Staff Writer


    I like bright colors, a lot of light, and finding Oreo crumbs in my keyboard.

  • Maressa Brown, Staff Writer


    Maressa works from home in New Jersey and has quite the inspiration board. Very impressive!

  • Mary Fischer, Staff Writer


    Mark works from her kitchen in Connecticut and thinks that one laptop is never enough.

  • Nicole Fabian-Weber, Staff Writer


    Nicole's a minimalist who likes herself some moisturizers and some mists.

  • Sasha Brown-Worsham, Editor


    Digging the eggplant walls, Sasha. And if you ever disappear, we'll know your shelves came crashing down and you're buried in paperwork.

  • Sheri Reed, Senior Editor


    The most snuggliest workspace of the lot goes to Sheri in northern California.

  • Stefanie Favicchio, Editorial Marketing Manager


    Stefanie keeps our partners happy and solves mathematical equations in her spare time.

  • April Peveteaux, Featured Freelancer


    April works from her grill outside of Los Angeles, California. Hot dogs!

  • Linda Sharps, Featured Freelancer


    So ... Linda pretty much has the life out there in Seattle. I can't get over this amazing "office space."

  • Lindsay Ferrier, Featured Freelancer


    When Lindsay's not on the road covering Moms Matter 2012, she's working from home on her kitchen table in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Michele Zipp, Featured Freelancer


    Michele writes from her couch in Brooklyn, New York when she's not running after her adorable 2-year-old twins.

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