Behind the Scenes Look at 'The Stir' (And All the Strange Stuff on Our Desks)

balloonsAn outdoor table at a Starbucks in sunny Florida. A couch in California. A lawn in Seattle. A home office in Boston and rows and rows of desks in Midtown, Manhattan. Even though The Stir team is spread out, we're definitely united. On an average day, each one of us receives and sends close to three billion emails, six trillion instant messages, and a dozen or so notes by carrier pigeon when the Internet is being slow as molasses. (Mmm. Molasses.)

And these emails eventually turn into posts. Each staff writer is responsible for seven original posts every day, Monday through Friday. The editors have their hands full coming up with big ideas, monitoring traffic, lots of other really important stuff, and planning our yummy pizza lunches. (Mmm. Pizza lunches.)

So we thought we'd show you our work spaces to let you in on where all the wordy magic, slash black magic, happens. Just another little peek behind the scenes, if you will.


And I'm sure if you look closely enough, you'll spot a recurring desk item that can be described as the driving force behind The Stir -- caffeine. (Mmm. Caffeine.)


Photo via ewan traveler/Flickr

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