Dionne Warwick Should Have Kept Quiet About Whitney Houston's 'Heart Attack'

dionne warwick entertainment tonightDionne Warwick used to be the voice behind "I Say a Little Prayer" -- that awesome late '60s tune re-visited in My Best Friend's Wedding -- but these days, she's often referred to as Whitney Houston's cousin. And tonight she's sitting down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss what killed Whitney.

The official explanation won't be revealed until around March 23, when the toxicology test results are supposed to be finalized, according to CNN. But Warwick doesn't seem to have a problem positing some personal speculation on the ordeal. She's no doctor, of course, but Warwick said, "You know, in all honesty, I think she had a heart attack, that's what I think happened to her." Huh. Oookay.

No, it's not the "drug overdose" explanation everyone thought of immediately after Whitney's death hit the headlines. Warwick addressed those, saying, "I don't know if it's that or not. I think her heart just gave out." Even if it was just her heart, that could have been related to drugs. After all, years of substance abuse takes a major toll on your cardiovascular health.

Still, I feel like we should consider Warwick's comments a learning opportunity. To be a bit more fair when we hear about someone's death or someone going to rehab (Demi Moore? Demi Lovato!), etc. Sure, after following someone like Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson or Amy Winehouse, it is so easy to just jump to conclusions and think we know exactly what was going on there. But we don't ... and probably won't. Who knows if Warwick even knows? Maybe she shouldn't be going on national TV and proclaiming the cause of death so fast.

Because I really believe most people's complete health history is seriously complex and highly personal. Some health challenges or habits we don't even reveal to our doctors. And public figures are even more secretive. After all, details about certain presidents' (like JFK) health battles are still trickling out years later!

I'm sure that within the coming weeks, we'll hear more about what caused Whitney's death, and the media will swarm on it. But even after toxicology test results come out, we should still try to wrap our heads around the idea that we may never know the whole story. And that's okay.

What do you think about Dionne Warwick's assertion that it was just a heart attack?


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momav... momavanessa

She has a right to her own opinion.

LoveM... LoveMyViolet

Really, it could just be that. All of her previous drug use could have caused a heart attack.

nonmember avatar Native Atlantan

Chances are it was probably a heart attach due to years of drug use. I've know ex-illegal drug addict - that clean themselves up and then get a legal drug (alcohol) and mix it with a prescription drug and they die. I even had an elderly neighbor OD on prescribe drugs - we think he forgot what drug he took. I've finally had my mother weaned from 34 pills a day 24 perscriptions and 10 vitamins to 8 prescriptions and 10 vitamins. We are a drug infested culture.

Jarrod Hubbard

Why should she not give her opinon? Shes entited to it. Now if you actually decide to accept medical opinions from Dionne Warwick youre out of your mind. But she still can have an opinion.

Carole Toney

Does it really matter what Dionne Warwick thinks?

Thomas Gerhart

This is her cousin. What do you expect? Anyone in her family would probably say the same and you can't blame her for hoping it wasn't the alcohol and drugs. Why be so snotty? She lost a family member. And by the way, Dionne Warwick is a famous singer in her own right.

Jessica Erin Lewis

She is most likely right. When you combine alcohol with the narcotics discovered in the hotel room anything can happen. Whitney herself said though in a oprah interview the crack started before the body guard. thats 20 plus years of drug abuse. Thats going to take a toll on the persons heart.

Nunzio Iacampo

I think she gave up on her life....With her talent gone she had nothing to give her fans any longer...I think she over dosed and on purpose......

nonmember avatar notfornothin

In Boston we've got this thing called a South Boston Heart Attack. Its a euphemism for when someone dies young (usually a ball buster type) and the family doesn't want to admit it was drugs.

nonmember avatar TFRYE

could they please let the woman rest in peace. she couldn't have peace while she was here and now that she's gone she can't either. she gave 30 yrs of her life to us and look what we are doing to her and her family. only GOD can judge her. so what she did drugs(her prerogative). we are the ones she tried to please.she couldn't live her life for her. but when it's all said and done and the dust have settled she still gave us some good music. ?-where were we when she needed to know that she was loved? she still doesn't know, let her rest. what are we doing when no ones looking? tell on yourselves as we are judging everyone else's business. even when she tried; it wasn't good enough, but job well done.

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