Dionne Warwick Should Have Kept Quiet About Whitney Houston's 'Heart Attack'

dionne warwick entertainment tonightDionne Warwick used to be the voice behind "I Say a Little Prayer" -- that awesome late '60s tune re-visited in My Best Friend's Wedding -- but these days, she's often referred to as Whitney Houston's cousin. And tonight she's sitting down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss what killed Whitney.

The official explanation won't be revealed until around March 23, when the toxicology test results are supposed to be finalized, according to CNN. But Warwick doesn't seem to have a problem positing some personal speculation on the ordeal. She's no doctor, of course, but Warwick said, "You know, in all honesty, I think she had a heart attack, that's what I think happened to her." Huh. Oookay.

No, it's not the "drug overdose" explanation everyone thought of immediately after Whitney's death hit the headlines. Warwick addressed those, saying, "I don't know if it's that or not. I think her heart just gave out." Even if it was just her heart, that could have been related to drugs. After all, years of substance abuse takes a major toll on your cardiovascular health.

Still, I feel like we should consider Warwick's comments a learning opportunity. To be a bit more fair when we hear about someone's death or someone going to rehab (Demi Moore? Demi Lovato!), etc. Sure, after following someone like Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson or Amy Winehouse, it is so easy to just jump to conclusions and think we know exactly what was going on there. But we don't ... and probably won't. Who knows if Warwick even knows? Maybe she shouldn't be going on national TV and proclaiming the cause of death so fast.

Because I really believe most people's complete health history is seriously complex and highly personal. Some health challenges or habits we don't even reveal to our doctors. And public figures are even more secretive. After all, details about certain presidents' (like JFK) health battles are still trickling out years later!

I'm sure that within the coming weeks, we'll hear more about what caused Whitney's death, and the media will swarm on it. But even after toxicology test results come out, we should still try to wrap our heads around the idea that we may never know the whole story. And that's okay.

What do you think about Dionne Warwick's assertion that it was just a heart attack?


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West Side

Dionne, like the rest of her family, is in denial. Whitney was sick with drugs. Whitney was the only person who could have HELPED HERSELF, and she didn't because she couldn't. When you're THAT engrossed in drugs, you see NOTHING else. Not even her daughter mattered enough to stop the drugs. It's SO SAD, but Whitney couldn't cope with life anymore, so she took her life to end everything.

nonmember avatar Mahala4

This is CRAZY. Dionne did the BEST thing. If you can't figure it out, then you are NOT using your BRAIN. She was RIGHT. All of the hype and stuff from the coroner could of been more TO THE POINT, instead of the ROUNDABOUT ethics to the medical way of doing things. Whitney did drugs in the PAST,and it left DAMAGE. But, when you are taking Xanax/Valium/Amoxicillin and you have an VERY ACTIVE schedule like Whitney had, you get EXTREMELY TIRED. Mix some champagne in there and it will make the HEART react QUICKLY and w/o warning. Get into a warm/hot tub of water, and relaxation hits. The heart had its thing, it happens VERY FAST, and she went under water, and (*The END*) was there. Dionne you just said what you FELT. Well said. I hope *Whitney* can R.I.P now.

nonmember avatar MoDee

ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar petey

YO - When did Dionne become a MAN???? Jeeeeez!!

Mark A. Knight

Ok...just weighing in from the medical side. As a formerly double board certified surgeon, now retired, I can assure you that Dionne Warwick is quite correct in her assumption. Whitney Houston was at an age where many african americans begin to manifest symptomatic evidence of cardiovascular disease. Many african americans at her age are placed on anti-hypertensive medications, of which the root cause is cardiovascular disease. The spectrum of cardiovascular disease includes coronary artery disease, one of the anatomic reasons underlying myocardial infarctions (heart attacks). Sadley, for a significant proportion of affected individuals, their first heart attack is also their last one. Cocaine use is know to exacerbate cardiovascular disease, and to precipitate cardiac events (recall Len Bias). Given the circumstances, I think it is reasonable to propose that cocaine use incited spasms of the already narrowed atherosclerotic coronary arteries, and induced a heart attack. Disabled by the effects of the drug and the cardiac event, Whitney likely lost consciousness and drowned in the tub. You don't have to have a medical degree to understand this sequence of events...its no mystery.

Marie A. Brooks

long term abuse to the body can cause heart attacks or stokes; my first thought was the she had a heart attack and sunk down into the tub or that she took the xanax and had drank some of the alcohol...either way it still could have caused her to pass out in the tub and sink down in the water...it happens RIP Whitney you are still loved and will not be forgotten. 

Marie A. Brooks

Thank you Mahala4 and Mark for you intelligent thoughts; stay blessed everybody.  

Karen Shell

Looks like she knew what she was talking about huh? She suffered from heart disease, so i say she was just about right on the money. Yes, years of drug addiction pretty much did her in, but Dionne seems to know somethings no one else did....

nonmember avatar Jazz Drummer 7

Marissa, I agree with the majority of the respondents who said that Dionne has the right to express how she thinks her Niece died. Frankly, try as I might, I cannot figure out how this disturbed you at all; unless you're 15 years old. Your blog was totally inane. Sorry.

Glo Gibson

You don't have to be a doctor to speculate about "Nippy's" death. It was pegged as a heart attack on a Feb. blog (www.gloriagibson.blogspot.com). What's the fuss, buzz, whatever...

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