Dionne Warwick Should Have Kept Quiet About Whitney Houston's 'Heart Attack'

dionne warwick entertainment tonightDionne Warwick used to be the voice behind "I Say a Little Prayer" -- that awesome late '60s tune re-visited in My Best Friend's Wedding -- but these days, she's often referred to as Whitney Houston's cousin. And tonight she's sitting down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss what killed Whitney.

The official explanation won't be revealed until around March 23, when the toxicology test results are supposed to be finalized, according to CNN. But Warwick doesn't seem to have a problem positing some personal speculation on the ordeal. She's no doctor, of course, but Warwick said, "You know, in all honesty, I think she had a heart attack, that's what I think happened to her." Huh. Oookay.

No, it's not the "drug overdose" explanation everyone thought of immediately after Whitney's death hit the headlines. Warwick addressed those, saying, "I don't know if it's that or not. I think her heart just gave out." Even if it was just her heart, that could have been related to drugs. After all, years of substance abuse takes a major toll on your cardiovascular health.

Still, I feel like we should consider Warwick's comments a learning opportunity. To be a bit more fair when we hear about someone's death or someone going to rehab (Demi Moore? Demi Lovato!), etc. Sure, after following someone like Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson or Amy Winehouse, it is so easy to just jump to conclusions and think we know exactly what was going on there. But we don't ... and probably won't. Who knows if Warwick even knows? Maybe she shouldn't be going on national TV and proclaiming the cause of death so fast.

Because I really believe most people's complete health history is seriously complex and highly personal. Some health challenges or habits we don't even reveal to our doctors. And public figures are even more secretive. After all, details about certain presidents' (like JFK) health battles are still trickling out years later!

I'm sure that within the coming weeks, we'll hear more about what caused Whitney's death, and the media will swarm on it. But even after toxicology test results come out, we should still try to wrap our heads around the idea that we may never know the whole story. And that's okay.

What do you think about Dionne Warwick's assertion that it was just a heart attack?


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nonmember avatar ShaNayNay

I think that may have happened too, and I thought that weeks before Dionne said it. We'll know when we know...but it 'tis a possibility. Stop hatin'.

nonmember avatar Jerry

She's entitled to her own opinion just like the press who has been so eager to condemn stars. The First Amendment is supposed to be equal to all of us. I can't even believe I'm responding to an article that shouldn't have been written in the first place. But then again, that's the author's First Amendment right.

nonmember avatar Lisa

Dionne Warwick is definitely a famous singer in her own right. Music of the 60s and 70s was real music with real meaning, heart and soul behind it. She is an elderly woman just stating what she thought happened to her cousin, and she has every right to say just that, be that the outcome or not. By the tone of your comments, I am more offended by your words than Miss Warwick's.

Jacqueline Ambrose Knight

She has more of a right to comment about HER OWN NIECE than the loud-mouthed writer of this piece. If anyone should keep their mouth shut, it's you trick butt pretend writer wannabe!

Mike Truesdale

she can't have an opinion?  Personally, it could have been a heart attack..My issue with Dione is just shut the F up....unless she is speaking for cissy then shut up.

nonmember avatar George

Don't be so harsh..that is her cousin attempting to deal with WH's death. What should be questioned is why Clive Davis had the power to keep her body in the hotel for 11 hrs after her death. What went on then?

Kimi Doyle

Exactly, who are you to say she should keep her mouth shut. Phffff. What difference is it going to make? What a dumb article.

Charles Mcgee

I do not have a problem with speculation. That is what doctors do. Why not Dionne.

Zilla Montoute

Everybody plays the fool sometimes, with a prayer in my heart I do hope with both ears we hear and learn something.  Life is very precious so is the organs in our bodies so delicate but they keep the life force from escaping from our being. 

Every body has a story about this and in a few days or weeks it will all be forgotten.  The human trail, we drink the water of forgetfulness and in some instance forget we are here to learn lessons.  God gave us all types of herbs but God also gave us the ability to use them with caution.  When you use a potent stuff with potent action such as smoking you can kill your body.  the same herbs used in a more delicate boil with some degree of measure for a particular cause, will bring a different reaction if you do not know what you are doing, leave it alone.  Do not make friends lead you down the wrong path.  When they take you they don't ever bring you back.   May Love, Peace and Harmony dwell with us always.

nonmember avatar mully

Stupidly written article. She didn't make a "proclamation" as you say. She said, "I think", which is obviously more than this author has done. And, oh, by the way, today's toxicology report confirmed her thought!

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