Cancer-Fighting 'Super' Aspirin Isn't the Answer to Your Prayers

woman's fingers holding aspirinYou gotta hand it to researchers who are devoted to finding the cure for cancer. While I usually can't stand the concept of a magic bullet for anything, when it comes to cancer, pinpointing a side effect-free treatment is obviously a just cause. And actually, there's a new potential magic bullet to show promise, and it's already getting a lot of hype. I'm just not sure the drug -- in its experimental stages -- is necessarily deserving of it.

Studies in the past have shown aspirin, taken daily, may stave off cancer. But there's been concern about the stomach ulcers the drug can cause, particularly in the elderly. Well, now, a new compound, called NOSH aspirin, has been tested by City College of New York rearchers on mice, and was effective in fighting, amongst others, cancers of the colon, lung, breast, prostate, pancrease, and blood. Impressive!

But there's a hitch.


While it was found to shrink human colon cancer tumors implanted in mice by 85 percent, and "without adverse affects" and "minimal toxicity," the researchers note that NOSH aspirin is still an experimental drug and clinical use in humans is "years away."

Whenever that day comes, it'll certainly be interesting to see if it's a truly effective, truly minimally toxic way to treat cancer. But I still wish that modern medicine would give more credit to lifestyle measures and dietary changes. There are outstanding stories of people beating cancer with the help of vegan diets, drinking green juice, and cutting out all processed foods and other lifestyle tweaks. Of course it depends on what kind of cancer you're battling and how advanced it is, but we forget that sometimes, some of our most basic everyday behaviors factor into disease.

An anti-cancer aspirin would be a welcome magic bullet sometime in the future. But for now, we still have more power than we think we do. And after all, I doubt popping a pill is ever going to be a complete cure-all.

What do you make of this anti-cancer aspirin?

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