Amazing Cat Saves Woman's Life by 'Diagnosing' Her Breast Cancer

cute black and white catWe love our pets, but is it possible they might have an even deeper understanding of us than we realize? In other words, are they able to suspect or detect or just have a sixth sense about our well-being? A recent story out of the U.K. is enough to convince you that our animal companions can be eerily intuitive.

A mother of two named Wendy Humphrys has a cat named Fidge who was just 10 months old when it began jumping on her breast and continued to do so for weeks on end. Without really making a connection, Humphrys started wondering about her breast, which she says was bruised and painful. She went to her doc, and as it turned out, she had a malignant tumor in her breast about the size of a pea that could have metastasized if it hadn't been discovered early enough. Now, she's set to have her breast removed after undergoing chemo.

Now, Wendy credits her feline friend with saving her life.


Incredible, right? She told The Daily Mail:

She saved my life, definitely. No hesitation at all. I was told that if I hadn't been diagnosed when I was I could have died because of the hormones in menopause. I am the first one in my family to have breast cancer. I'm so glad I got [Fidge].


Something else I found interesting was that Wendy was surprised, because she thought only dogs were able to "play doctor." German researchers did discover that dogs could "sniff out" lung cancer from breath samples of sufferers. And experts think cancer produces volatile chemicals that dogs can be trained to smell. But judging from this story, it looks like there's potential for cats, too!

So intriguing. And since it's something that could lead to early diagnosis of the disease, we should be all for it! Now, excuse me while I go make a really strong case to my fiance for getting a loving, brilliant pet ...

Do you believe animals can detect illness, specifically cancer?


Image via Tomas Aleksiejunas/Flickr

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