5 Fantastic Perks of Pesky PMS

pythonSince I'm not a huge fan of being bloated, crampy, or crabby, I don't generally think of PMS as having any benefits. But apparently there's more to the monthly hormonal fiasco than I thought: According to a new study, women are better at sensing the presence of snakes right before their periods. Huh! Good to know.

I'm not sure how exactly researchers discovered that nifty little bonus, but apparently it has something to do with premenstrual hormones making us more aware of perceived threats. So don't stress if you're not a resident of the Congo or the Everglades or somewhere else where snakes are considered a nuisance.

Your cyclical superpower can protect you from all kinds of predators ...


Think about it. Thanks to PMS, you're more likely to:

1. Deliver a swift kick to the groin of some punk who comes up behind you in the mall parking lot just before he grabs your purse.

2. Snag the last brownie on the dessert table before anybody else realizes it's the last brownie.

3. Escape from the bar before your loser ex-boyfriend comes over to say "hi."

4. Interrupt your kid's teacher before she can ask you to volunteer for the bake sale ("Whoops, so busy -- gotta run!").

5. Shut all of the lights and the TV off so it looks like nobody's home before your neighbor rings the doorbell to ask if her kids can have a playdate with your kids since they're "finally almost over that super-contagious virus."

Do you think there are any benefits to having PMS?


Image via Doug Beckers/Flickr

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