The Real Danger of a Bad Boss Is Scary, Indeed (VIDEO)

Anyone who has seen The Devil Wears Prada has laughed at the scenes of Meryl Streep acting like an insane prima donna, sending her employees on endless errands and acting like a tyrant. For some, this movie (and book) probably felt very close to home. And if it did, it's because Miranda (the boss) did what every bad boss in history did to hurt her employees: She stopped their progress.

Yes, the Washington Post agrees. The number one way to make an employee hate coming to work every day is to stop them from moving forward and from feeling like they are making a contribution each day.

Surprised? You shouldn't be. Anyone who has ever worked for a micromanaging tyrant knows it's true.


A bad boss can suck your soul. The fact is, we spend 40 hours of our lives per week working (if we are lucky) and our happiness depends on many factors, but the management is one of them.

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