‘Hunger Games’ Star Jennifer Lawrence Has the Right Idea About Dieting

Jennifer LawrenceWith T-minus 15 days until The Hunger Games comes out in theaters nationwide March 23, Jennifer Lawrence has gotta be on cloud nine. I mean, how could she not be? She's starring in the hottest movie to come out in 2012 so far, and all eyes are so totally on her.

Now that I think about it, that's gotta be a whole lot of pressure, eh? Not to worry, though, Lawrence isn't the kind of gal to freak about critics, especially when it comes to her body image. In fact, she says she is so against the idea of dieting in the first place. The actress, who is on the April cover of Glamour, told the magazine:


Hollywood and dieting are pretty much synonymous, so whenever an actress says they aren't all about dieting and you can tell that they actually mean it -- it makes my heart flutter just a bit.

When I was trying to lose weight, there were some days where I'd turn down "bad" foods altogether and starve until I could eat something "healthy" instead. What I learned from that is exactly what Jennifer told Glamour: it didn't work. Not only was I non-productive and my mind was off into the clouds dreaming of being skinny on a beach somewhere (preferably in the Caribbean), I also found that I was in a bad mood.

Plain and simple, yes I wanted to lose weight, but I didn't want to live my life hungry. So -- I was able to make snacking an integral part of my day-to-day. Instead of drooling over the "bad" foods, I would taste some of whatever it was my sweet tooth was after and then supplement the high-cal noms with a healthier counterpart. My personal go-to was green peppers and hummus, but yogurts, fruits, popcorn, and all other sorts of yums work just as well. Essentially, it's all about perspective, and it seems to me that Jennifer's perspective is right on track.

Does hunger prevent you from concentrating? Are you a Jennifer Lawrence fan and looking forward to The Hunger Games?

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