Jennifer Love Hewitt's 'Maxim' Remarks Reveal Her Twisted Body Image

jennifer love hewitt cover of maximJennifer Love Hewitt is on the cover of Maxim this month, and inside, she offers up what might be some of the most inane, vain comments of her career. And that's saying a lot. In addition to telling the men's mag that she's most proud of her breasts (fine) and that guys don't ask her out (maybe because they're afraid she might pejazzle them?), she admitted, "I love my Maxim! It's my scale of how good I look. Whenever you guys call and say it's time to be on your cover, I'm like, 'OK, I'm in good shape.' And when you don't call, I'm like, 'I guess I should hit the gym.'"

Uh. See what I mean? J. Love, you have GOT to be kidding us!! Sure, she's an actress, and thus it's her job to "look good" -- to some extent. So, she gets a little wiggle room for that, but that doesn't make her remarks any less cringeworthy.


Why it the world would someone gauge their wellness on whether or not they're being tapped to appear almost-nude on the cover of a men's magazine? It's so twisted and actually, really sad. Because this quote just says so much about Hewitt's terrible body insecurities.

It seems safe to assume she's struggled with her body image for a long time. Remember back when she said she was okay with her curvier body, but then claimed she was a size 2 (uh-huh) ... only to drop weight several months down the road? That seriously broke my heart, because it really illustrated what's wrong with so many women feel about their bodies and their weight. We claim to feel beautiful and happy at a normal, healthy weight -- perhaps even at a few pounds over -- but then, the sad truth, for many of us, is that we really think we should weight 10-20 pounds less. For no good reason other than to fit some BS Hollywood standard of beauty.

And it kills me that Jennifer says she knows it's time to workout when she's not getting calls to pose for a mag like Maxim. How about hitting the gym anyway, to be healthy, to feel good? Because, uh, hello, there so many reasons to be getting physically active than to look "hot." Ugh.

Poor Jennifer. She's got it all backasswards. Health -- and by extension, beauty -- is all about how you feel. Not what someone else thinks about you. Her need to go by external factors (like whether or not a magazine wants to see you in your skivvies) proves that no matter what kind of shape she might be on the outside, she's still a big ol' mess on the inside.

What do you make of Jennifer Love Hewitt's remarks?

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