3 Sisters Facing Breast Cancer at the Same Time Are True Fighters

3 sisters fighting breast cancerMany women lean on their sisters for love, support, and compassion, but these three sisters from California are taking the sisterly bond to a whole new level. Brenda, Angel, and Kathleen are all fighting the battle against breast cancer -- together. It doesn't seem possible, right? That this disease would strike three sisters at the exact same time. But sadly it's true. Middle sister Brenda's breast cancer returned last year after a period of remission; soon after, Angel and Kathleen were diagnosed, too.


On the one hand, these sisters are each other's best and strongest support network. But on the other, it's so devastatingly sad that all three would have to go through it at the same time, especially given that they lost their mother to appendix cancer some years ago. Still, these sisters are remaining strong in their pain and leaning on each other for positive support.

An interesting (albeit tragic) piece of their story is that all three tested positive for the breast cancer gene. Therefore, it makes sense that they are now advocates for being tested. As Kathleen stated, "Women all over the world really need to go out and be tested no matter how fearful they are. Because early detection does make such a huge difference." Coupled with family history, it can often dictate the management for patients, including screening methods and things that can be done for prevention.

I love how they have their own struggle but they are looking out for other women as well. True, they are fighting for their survival -- but I have to believe there must be some comfort in having to fight it together.

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